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Started: 01/07/2019

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iTNA For Rookies
Hello, this iTNA board member, Sherby with a little thread created special for the newbies A.K.A noobs or rookies for this game.

iTNA is around since 2007-2008. At first it was called iWZ and by the end of 2007 to 2008 iWZ was renamed to iTNA and it got to where it is today. Many worked to make it so fun, but none reached the work and devotion that Edge showed towards iTNA. It would not be what it is today without Sherby, Joori or Lynx either. Other key names that helped iTNA grow are: SubZero, Sabu, Ice, Jason_Voorhees, Sarah_Ng and H0LLYWOOD.

First subject that i would like to take on is the "Championship belts".

1. Championships:

Unlike other i-feds you've used before, iTNA doesnt do everything at random, like for example:

Current World Champ: Hey pal! Want a shot at my championship out of nowhere like that?
Noob: YES PLS! Let's have a random match for your WORLD title!

That is a NO. The only randomly defended championship in iTNA is the 24/7 iTNA Ultra Violent championship which is exactly like the Hardcore title, same rules, you can defend it outside shows/iPPV's, you can defend it as many times as you like and you MUST defend it at least once in three days or else it gets vacated! No Excuses!

Other championships are to be defended only on official booked shows (Anarchy or HaVoc) and the world titles are to be defended only on iPPV and rarely on regular cards.

YOU MUST earn your title shot, complaining about it wont get you anywhere. Good rankings and good stats, lots of shows/iPPV wins, forum board role-play, ALL that can get you up there if you would only try!

2. Bookings.

Our bookers DO NOT book at random! They try their best to put on the best matches on the card so they get done fast and also try to keep storylines bond and kayfabe go on between characters. YOU DO NOT, "ORDER" a booker to just book you cause you in a match against someone just because you want and you don't have any other PROPER reason for that match to take place!
P.S: Face or Heel, kissing the bookers ass wont get you far either!

3. How to get in the main event scene when you have all these legends up there!?

Well, you need to stop fucking up your stats (If you got good stats) by losing to Suicide(The autowrestling bot). You need to concentrate more on winning your booked matches so you can get more valuable points and raise your ranking. Having a streak on shows and iPPV's will 100% get you a title shot no doubt!

4. Characters

Being in iTNA you will need to choose a character, i.e: Insidious is Sting or Ice is Brian Kendrick. You are not required to choose only Wrestling superstars, you can also pick movie stars, musicians, anime characters and others. You can also have a 2nd characters if you'd like, but DO NOT create it and then forget about it, use it, role-play with it and DON'T, under any circumstances, use your 2nd character to raise your 1st character's stats!! You risk an account removal or worse. Also you are not allowed to have more than two accounts per IP... if one of our admins catch you, the 3rd account WILL be deleted without any notice.

5. Website

The website really helps you keep in touch with what the fuck is happening in iTNA at all time. Our i-wrestlers role-play all the time and storylines are kept via the forum board, all the information you need about iTNA should be on the website, if something you don't know is missing then you can always ask an admin. Using our forum shows that you are really into the game and you are really interested of our community.

6 Matches

When doing outside show/iPPV matches, like random matches with other players in the channel, you are REQUIRED to ASK your opponent if he wants to have a match with you BEFORE starting the match, also if you START a match you need to make sure you can finish it or else you risk an account suspension or a point penalty. So be careful.
The !stop command is for PowerUsers/Managers only, and IF YOU DO have that access level, DO NOT stop a match unless it's really neccesary!!


With that being said, if you still got questions and shit, please do ask me in pm on IRC. See ya there!
Edited by Insidious on 23.01.2012
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