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A continuous story of losses
(Promo Segment on R!OT) - Montezuma: I may have lost the iTNA title match, I may have failed in the trios bout but... I AM STILL, your MILLION DOLLAR CHAMP!"

(Promo Segment on R!OT) - The Million Dollar tron appears on the screen before the Million Dollar Champion starts to make his entrance.

Montezuma (c) vs. Tamjuk (Regular Non-Title Match.)

* Montezuma dominates the match because he is able to reverse and avoid most of Tamjuk's moves, the Aztec Gods seem in his favour *

* Montezuma stunner
<iTNA-Ref> Tamjuk has been knocked down! Montezuma make another move now!
* Montezuma pin
<@iTNA-Ref> The referee was able to get up in time, and check Montezuma's pin!
<@iTNA-Ref> One, Two...
<@iTNA-Ref> ...THREE!
<@iTNA-Ref> DING...DING...DING... Your Winner: Montezuma

Tamjuk: You have lost the iTNA Championship Opportunity, squandered the Trios Championship Strife and now you made your Aztec God interfere to reverse your faith for one day only so I have suffered the loss in your pathethic name. So why not keep the ball rolling, but in my favour this time, shall we? *points to the titan tron with a smirk*

* We see Ternion's assistant Ignatius walking to a table, carrying a briefcase, opening and turning it around. iTNA-Ref gets out a stack of cash out of it and starts counting. *

* The Million Dollar tron appears on the screen as it fades to the The SummerSlam logo *

Tamjuk: And it might be a No Interference match, so your Aztec Gawds can not come to your aide once again.
* Tamjuk would be on his way to exit the stage but Montezuma is still in the ring, celebrating his great victory with the crowd and the Aztec loyal worshippers.

* Montezuma would grab a mic and would point his finger at Tamjuk.

Montezuma: I will put an end to your insolence, Tamjuk. You dare challenge me for my dearest and most beloved championship, the MILLION DOLLAR Championship?

Montezuma: You know what? You're irrelevant. Since your Ternion brothers deserted you, you've been wallowing in a state of loss and self-pity but that's ok... we all knew you were the weak link of that group.

Montezuma: Fine then, I will see you at SummerSlam. I will rektify you once again and make a fool out of you in front of everyone that will be in attendance at iTNA SummerSlam!
Edited by Insidious on 31.07.2021
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That doesn't even make any sense, Kuntar. Tf

Brotha Mephisto just left the arena like a phisto

Your nightmare just entered the arena.

That moment when you work a whole month and get $400 but Vegeta sits at home and gets $800. Being Indian is hard00r

Ahhh... the sweet taste of victory.

Bow down to your new iTNA "Royal Rumble" winner the gods have chosen me and mark my words I Will be winning the iTNA title at BFG!!


I have been robbed of my glorious X-Division title run. Sanji, my brothers will avenge me!

I'm definitely getting the X-Division championship back, Montezuma. Mark my words!

whoop whoop!

Happy New Year pals <333

Your ITNA Champion and WOTY is here...! Fuck yea <3

Take notice, of your NEW, X-Division Champion!

HUH whats up BUDDYS AND PALS i want to win a Burger match!

Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of the big black bat?

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