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2020 iTNA Awards announcement
Anonymous GM
Hi, here are all the categories for this year, including the nominees. The board will announce the winners at the end of the year.

1. Wrestler of the Year contenders:
* Fowler5
* vichu

2. Stable of the Year contenders:
* S0L0
* Ternion

3. Tag Team of the Year contenders:
* The Unlikely Yaars (Sanji & oddset)
* One Punch Pals (Genos & Saitama)

4. Feud of the Year contenders:
* vichu vs Sherby - The Burial and fight for the golden shovel, career threatening match at BFG X
* vichu vs H}{H - X-Division supremacy
* S0L0 vs nWo - Backstabbing
* 2.oddset /w united vs Firefly Funhouse
* 2.oddset vs Kumar - Fake Leader
* Tamjuk vs Sherby - IC supremacy

5. Breakout Star of the Year contenders:
* snug00r
* Axor
* JizZy
* Saitama
* Genos
* TheFiend

6. WTF Moment of the Year contenders:
* Axor winning the world title
* Vegeta being IC champ for half a year
* COVID-19 resurrecting iTNA
* Fowler5 backstabbing S0L0 to join The Kliq/nWo
* edge and Jason_Voorhees returning and joining the nWo: Undisputed Era.
* edge bringing the IWWF title to BFG and unifying it with the iTNA title.
* TheFiend kicks Vegeta out of Firefly Funhouse and vacates the Tag team titles.
* vichu defeats Sherby at BFG X and retires him.
* Insidious returning to the iTNA at BFG X.
* Fowler5 unifying the iTNA and IWWF championships at King of iTNA 2020.

7. ROFL Moment of the Year contenders:
* Tamjuk climbing down a cage instead of climbing down the other side to win.
* Tamjuk waiting on the ladder
* Vegeta being banned multiple times for being a horny idiot.
* Sherby kicking Kumar out of The Kliq.
* Sherby cashing in on vichu and losing.

8. Match of the Year contenders:
* Dekai vs Tamjuk - 60 Minutes Iron Man Match at BFG X for the iTNA title
* S0L0 (CC & vichu) vs united (Kumar & Vegeta - TLC Match for the Tag Team titles

9. Babyface of the Year contenders:
* D__dil_Pakistan
* snug00r
* vichu
* CaptainCharisma
* Dekai
* Saitama
* Pentagon

10. Heel of the Year contenders:
* Sherby
* Kumar
* Vegeta
* H}{H
* Tamjuk
* Maven
* TLKiller990

11. Promo of the Year contenders:
* Tamjuk - A new narrative
* Kumar - New goal
* Maven - Calling and old friend / A business proposition from a world renowned mogul
* vichu - Deal nWo
* Tamjuk - The End of Sherby vs. Tamjuk and a New Beginning?
* Fowler5 - My Apology to S0L0
* oddset - The Endīš–
* Sherby - The past, the present, the future.
* oddset - 2.oddset's Road
* Tamjuk - the quintessential juncture
* oddset - united at the beach club before BFG
* Tamjuk - sit-down interview with Tamjuk before BFG
* Sherby - BFG X: Career On The Line - Sherby vs vichu.
* Insidious - The dark avenger is back

12. Worst Wrestler of the Year contenders:
* Kumar
* Vegeta
* Sherby
* JiZzy
Edited by Insidious on 13.12.2020
No promo of the year award? Bad form.
Anonymous GM
Lol I actually have that on the list, I just didn't add it here for some reason, thanks for reminding me
Contact my assistant: [email protected]

If it's urgent, contact me directly: [email protected]
Good form, then.
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I have been robbed of my glorious X-Division title run. Sanji, my brothers will avenge me!

I'm definitely getting the X-Division championship back, Montezuma. Mark my words!

whoop whoop!

Happy New Year pals <333

Your ITNA Champion and WOTY is here...! Fuck yea <3

Take notice, of your NEW, X-Division Champion!

HUH whats up BUDDYS AND PALS i want to win a Burger match!

Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of the big black bat?

All hail King Maven.

Anonymous GM
Congrats to the 11th King of iTNA tournament winner, Maven!

Anonymous GM
Congrats to Fowler5 for becoming the iTNA undisputed Champion!


They took away my Partiot title defense, they took away my X-Division title defense, when you are the best the GM has no other choice but to give the losers a chance... See you soon Zoro!


#cleanse iTNA with Fake leaders

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