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the quintessential juncture
* It is announced that the winner from tonight's Monsters Ball will face the world champ mid month! *

* Tamjuk vs. Zork is now underway as Tamjuk controls the match and gets a dread table to the ring! Zork panicks and clears the table as quickly as he can with Tamjuk taking the opportunity to dominate Zork. Zork whips Tamjuk into the referee multiple times with Tamjuk trying to score a pinfall.
Zork starts to wear down Tamjuk with submissions and as iTNA-Ref gets back up again, Zork whips Tamjuk again, but this time into the barbed wire, looking to score a submission victory. After a big powerbomb from Tamjuk, Tamjuk is able to score the successful three count. *

* Tamjuk already has showered and got dressed in a suit as he is sitting in Ternion's private locker room after the match with a glass of whiskey being prepared by Ignatius. *

Tamjuk: Mesdames et Messieurs, I have accomplished the goal I have set for August for myself: Queen Europa has arisen as the continent numero uno at the iTNA Copa Mundial.

The last time I have lend my wisdom to you iTNA plebeians I have discoursed about a very important topic, time economy.

This day's lesson is: quintessential juncture. Let me quote merriam-webster the commoners such as you:
quintessential (adjective) quin·​tes·​sen·​tial | ˌkwin-tə-ˈsen(t)-shəl Definition of quintessential: perfectly typical or representative of a particular kind of person or thing.
juncture (noun) junc·​ture | \ ˈjəŋ(k)-chər Definition of juncture: a point of time at this juncture especially: one made critical by a concurrence of circumstances.
quintessential juncture: representative of a particular kind of thing made critical by a concurrence of circumstances.

That "thing"? The iTNA World Championship. When I have made my reappearance to this brand, I have asserted the following:

Tamjuk wrote:
iTNA-Interviewer: * takes the telegram and reads it * "I hereby proclaim my intentions towards rejoining iTNA ...
will be disclosed very shortly. But be au courant, I solely got colour gold on my mind.

Yours sincerely,


But then why did I not pursue that championship nor declare my intentions obtaining it prior? By reason of the quintessential juncture not having embarked until this very moment.

Continually, the iTNA World Championship changed hands inbetween the sticky hands of Vegeta and the cow-urine drenched hands of Kumar. I have obviated it for hygenic reasons, before it was cool.
Eventually, it landed on vichu's lap. I have always calculated that big match vich', as mouth-breathers refer him to, may be able to rise to the occasion in big matches but against lesser opposition such as Axor.
Josh, as lesser opposition, was then able to obtain the iTNA World Championship but he merely functioned as a ephemeral body for contractual paragraph dialectics for my scheme.

As the iTNA Championship commitee always includes a specific paragraph in the championship contest contracts that the reigning champion is owed a rematch, in case of them having a successful championship defense via pinfall or submission.

vichu having one of those defenses on his record against The Fiend thus had such a rematch opportunity at his back pocket thus the uncture was not quintessential just yet. Josh won the championship and then promptly lost it again meaning that neither Josh nor vichu had any rematch clauses remaining.

This has created the quintessential juncture. The last iTNA Championship defense before the biggest event of the year, Bound For Glory is scheduled for the next R!OT event.
After I have procured the iTNA Championhip, neither vichu, Josh, Kumar, Vegeta or any other witling is able to get their contaminated hands on the iTNA Championship before Bound For Glory.

I have chosen Dekai from the beginning, as he is one of the few competitors in iTNA who deserves an iTNA Championship opportunity against me whilst not being a Ternion member.
I have let Ignatius state this at the very first proclamation in combination of my encrypted intentions for the iTNA Championship since my return, back then overlaying it for the Intercontinental Championship, which has now been obtained by TLKiller990:

Tamjuk wrote:

Ignatius: Sir Tamjuk has prepared a statement, which I will read out now for you:

"[...] Dekai is a worthy competitor, notwithstanding his immense melanin levels.

Nonetheless, I am afraid that a misapprehension has occurred at this juncture.
The Anonymous Internet-Total Non-Stop Action General Manager has rejoinded to my telegram as you, the iTNA scum *booing is heard*, were able to observe.
He has sent a message via the Short Message Service that simply read 'You got it, fam'. With that, he wanted to express that he was able to interpret the message I have relayed.

It is not the iTNA World Tag Team Championship in my eyesight. That is naturally Ternion's birth right, inasmuch as we are the only stable of which one hundred percent of its members are capable of forming coherent sentences.

Furthermore, a distinctive manifestation of gold with an idiosyncratic proprietor is within my eyesight, and soon enough within my grasp.

Dekai, I understand that you are currently absent from iTNA competition to completely focus with your "training camp" on the iTNA Champion contest, you probably were able to decipher my quintessential juncture as you have coordinated your "training camp".

No magnitude of "training" will prepare you for Bound For Glory, Dekai. I will see you then, in the main event, defending my iTNA Championship in the biggest match of the year.

* R!OT fades to back as Tamjuk picks up his whiskey glass, swings his whiskey glass and down it in one go. *
Good form.
Nice one. I love how you're so sure you can beat the cow piss guy and go to BFG X lel
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I have been robbed of my glorious X-Division title run. Sanji, my brothers will avenge me!

I'm definitely getting the X-Division championship back, Montezuma. Mark my words!

whoop whoop!

Happy New Year pals <333

Your ITNA Champion and WOTY is here...! Fuck yea <3

Take notice, of your NEW, X-Division Champion!

HUH whats up BUDDYS AND PALS i want to win a Burger match!

Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of the big black bat?

All hail King Maven.

Anonymous GM
Congrats to the 11th King of iTNA tournament winner, Maven!

Anonymous GM
Congrats to Fowler5 for becoming the iTNA undisputed Champion!


They took away my Partiot title defense, they took away my X-Division title defense, when you are the best the GM has no other choice but to give the losers a chance... See you soon Zoro!


#cleanse iTNA with Fake leaders

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