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Discord Wrestling Tutorial v1.0

Welcome my dear friends and wrestling enthusiasts! In the following tutorial, I will try to explain as best as I can how this cool text game works and how the game mechanics operate!

Quick history:

This is a turn-based wrestling simulation game, interactive and multi-player. Players part take in "wrestling" matches that are simulated by the bot. Wins/Losses and other stats like points and titles could be up for grabs when people do matches.
iTNA started on IRC with an mIRC scripted bot, in March 2007. Formerly known as IWZ and then renamed to iTNA in 2008. This game idea originates from the 1st ever IRC-Wrestling bot that was created in 1997 by Justin "stonecold" Verrier. From there it was developed with lots of different and other features by me.

Game mechanics and gameplay:

To check your and your opponent's current health and statuses, you can use the trigger: !h in any of the arenas on our discord..
The health will appear in this way:

Each player has HP(health points) and SP(submission points) (When the SP is 0 or below, your opponent will tap out).

When your opponent's health is between these ranges, the following moves are possible:

100 and below: Striking
90 and below: Small Moves. (Weapon moves can be used under 90HP but you must be sure it is not a Regular match so you don't get DQ'd)
85 and below: Small-Medium Moves.
80 and below: Medium Moves.
75 and below: Medium Large Moves.
65 and below: Large Moves.
35 and below: Finishers (Every opponent has 5 finishers for each match).
Anytime: Pins.

*Weapons could get you disqualified in a Regular match and you'll lose the match. *Submissions and pin sequences can be done only when your opponent has been knocked down, for example:

Bigger moves will decrease more health from your opponent then smaller moves. Each opponent has 5 finishers for each match, and 3 Special Submissions that unlike the Regular Submissions they'll decrease more SP.
Obviously, all moves might get reversed, or your opponent might avoid them.

Full moves list can be found @

When you or your opponent are busted open and start to bleed, you might lose more points than just a regular move because of your bleeding.
Using weapons might get your opponent to bleed and then he could lose both HP AND SP for bleeding.

When you or your opponent are injured, you might not be able to capitalize on some move because of the injury.
Weapons, Large Moves, and Finishers have a higher rate of injury success.

Possible matches:

Regular Match:
Win: By Pin Fall or Submission.
Moves Allowed: Small/Small-Medium/Medium/Medium-Large/Large Moves/Finishers/Regular/Special Submission Moves.
Not Allowed: Weapons. Using Weapon will get you disqualified and cost you the match. Illegal moves are also not allowed, like a low blow or shattered dreams. Usage of illegal moves will result in a DQ.

Hardcore Match:
Win: By Pin Fall or Submission.
Moves Allowed: Small/Small-Medium/Medium/Medium-Large/Large Moves/Finishers/Regular/Special Submission Moves/Weapons/Illegal Moves.
Not Allowed: None. Everything is allowed

Match Syntax:

!match <match type> <match sub-type> <players in the match>


!match regular 1v1 @TheSherbmeister
!match hardcore 1v1 @TheRock

The stats feature is to help you or another wrestler check your wins, losses, rank, a number of points, numbers of matches, titles-in-reach, titles currently holding, user level, and many other unimplemented features.
Syntax: !stats @Name

You should only try for the pin if your HP is significantly higher than your opponent. Otherwise, there's really an extremely rare chance that the pin would work if that wasn't the case.
Bleeding and being injured also matters more in the pin sequence.
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That doesn't even make any sense, Kuntar. Tf

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Ahhh... the sweet taste of victory.

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whoop whoop!

Happy New Year pals <333

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HUH whats up BUDDYS AND PALS i want to win a Burger match!

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