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iTNA-Ref bot scripting log/journal
Patch v6.3.97 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed Strap match bug. The last turnbuckle touch would not work anymore due to a "Rating system" script override. (Thanks to Vegeta for this bug report)
  • Fixed interference+ perk. It wouldn't work properly. (Thanks to H}{H for this bug report)
  • Modified the interference+ perk so that you don't need to have any of the match participants set as ally or enemy. You simply pick who you want to attack via "/msg iTNA-Ref !interfere <nick>". This only works if you have an interference+ item in your inventory. (No need for activation prior to the match). Once used, the item will be consumed from your inventory
  • Modified Tag Team bouts 5 whips per turn script. Due to abuse of tagging in and tagging out just to get more whips, now whips are reduced to 3 per turn/ per player. So you can only tag in once and get three more whips, after that, you MUST make a move other than whip or tag. (Thanks to Fowler5 for this suggestion).
  • Fixed a major bug where the match wouldn't end properly when a new user would have a match. This was due to "prevrank" variable which was later implemented.
  • Added No Surrender Match type. (1on1, 3Way, 4Way, 2/3, 3/4 & TagTeam).
  • Added help for No Surrender match type in !Help.
  • Player switch time has been drastically reduced for eXtreme match type due to people not actually getting the chance to even be in the match. (Thanks to H}{H for this suggestion).
  • Fixed major bug in Elimination Chamber match type where the match wouldn't finish properly due to the "ChamberWarrior" achievement unlock script. (Thanks to Tamjuk for this bug report).
  • Fixed DoubleTag+ perk bug where if both teams would purchase a doubletag+, only one would be able to use the extra double tag move. I made it so that if both teams activate it, they will cancel each other's perks and get sent back into their inventories. (Thanks Maven for this bug report).
  • Fixed bug for Match rating where the bot wouldn't know what to do if the right criteria for a legendary match wasn't met yet the match would be a 5star. Now it will give you the points for the 5 star even if it's not Legendary. (Thanks to Fowler5 for this bug report).

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Extra info line added as a notice to end-user for less flood on public room. (Applied to !titles, !tournaments, !trophies & !retiredtitles.)
  • Added more info into "Did you know". Removed and modified some as well.
  • Updated iTNA tips file.
  • Updated iTNA tips file v2.
  • Updated newbies forum thread.
  • Updated iTNA iPPVs List page. Added full histories and dropdown buttons for each iPPV. Added the discontinued iPPVs as well.
  • Updated the Stables HOF Page.
  • Added all discord title histories to the actual refbot. it will show in people's bios now if they had the title.
  • Added more info into "Did you know". Removed and modified some as well.
  • Removed retired titles old code from new code as it was taking space for absolutely nothing.
  • Added H0LLYWOOD Memorial and Jewser Tag Team Classic to the renametitles sequence code.
  • Added the Discord title to the !retiredtitles trigger.
  • Added iwwf title history into iTNA title history.
  • Fixed a few typos and punctuation mistakes in the Last Ride match.
  • Fixed a small typo in the Interference script.
  • Fixed html iframe for the achievements website page.
  • Made it so that when an account is transferred to Alumni, the funds are set to 0 so that the inactive user doesn't appear in active !Forbes list. (Funds will be kept in the database in case the user returns)
  • Made it so that when an account is transferred to Alumni, his mask and mask prestige are removed so that the inactive user doesn't appear in active !luchadores list. (Mask will not be returned upon returning, the user will have to buy a new mask).
  • Modified the cgi roster file to fix a bunch of code and to add Legends link to the bottom page.
  • Added the iwwf title to !federation and to !retiredtitles, same for discord title.
  • Added No Surrender match type to m.roulette variables.
  • Removed MemoServ match notification for supervisors. It's pointless since we now have !matchfeed and !lastmatches.
  • A couple of minor typos fixed in MarketZone. (Thanks to Tamjuk for this bug report).
  • Fixed the extra "&&&" characters that were displayed randomly when someone would try to check !Infotournament for WorldCup.
  • Fixed minor typo in the H0LLYWOOD memorial tournament command.
  • Fixed a match rating bug where the bot would report it as a 4.5 but would award a 5 star. (Thanks to Tamjuk for this bug report).
  • Fixed minor typo in match rating variable for match report.
  • Fixed bug where spinebuster was viewed as a pin by the bot. (Thanks to Maven for this bug report).
  • Fixed Roulette Tag Team match start bug. (Thanks to Tamjuk for this bug report.)
  • Fixed typos in the WOTM html page. (Thanks Maven.)
  • Fixed ladder help section typo. (Thanks Tamjuk.)
  • Fixed bug on Manager perk where the bot would let you use !heyman in a non-TV match. (Thanks to Kumar for this bug report).
  • Fixed minor typo in LastRites match. (Thanks Tamjuk.)
  • Updated/Fixed the !ippvs and !upcomingippv commands.
  • Added an extra help line for newly registered bot users about their pending accounts.
  • Updated the marketzone page and spellchecked.

AI Bot:
  • Fixed the auto !healme variable in the autobots. Now they should heal on their own after the injury or if a match is started and they're injured, they'll stop and heal.
  • Removed KO & FirstBlood until better development.
  • Fixed Roulette match type.
  • Re-added automation to Pentagon. Now everyone can play him as well.
  • Fixed Lighttubes match bug where it wouldn't know what to do if the light tubes weren't on the ground.
Patch v6.4.25 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed major Manager perk bug where the perk wouldn't work after the last update due to a variable displacement. Added extra var set for TV matches as %TVmatch so the bot cannot get confused again in this type of scenario. (Thanks to Kumar for this bug report).
  • Added automatic lottery end and start script timer. So I don't have to check it all the time to see if 7 days passed. Now the bot will check and if 7 days passed, it will auto end and restart the lottery.
  • Fixed the WOTM points to work for 2/3, 3/5, and 4/7 falls match types.
  • Fixed the WOTM points to work for 3StagesofHell match types.
  • Fixed the Stable points to work for 2/3 Falls Tag Team match types. (Thanks to vichu for this bug report)
  • Fixed the Stable points to work for 2/3/3/5/4/7 match types. (Thanks to vichu for this bug report)
  • Fixed WOTM script bug where the bot would add random names to the wotm pts system file.
  • Fixed WOTM script bug where the bot wouldn't know what to do when a 3way or 4way was done. (Thanks to Tamjuk for this bug report).
  • Scripted WOTM points for 3-Way, 4-Way, Triangle, FourCorners, Elimination 3 and 4-Ways and 2on1 Handicap match.
  • Added Kickout perk. Buy it from the marketzone and use it during the match with !Kickout at any time after activating it.
  • Added Betrayal perk. Buy it from the marketzone and use it to betray your tag team partner during the match. Please see the marketzone link for extra info on this.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed match announcement line for hardcore 3/5 falls match. It wouldn't display the match info when starting it. That was because of the "No Surrender" match addition, which caused a slight bug.
  • Fixed bfgcount achievement match ending glitch.
  • Modified some WOTM script text.
  • Added auto timer set for lottery status checkup.
  • Added pot number into the public lottery announcement.
  • Fixed issue in stat variable where if the user didn't have any 5star matches the bot would display just blank instead of 0.
  • Fixed issue in stat variable where if the user didn't have any luchas matches the bot would display just blank instead of 0.
  • Made it so that if you don't have at least a lucha match on your account, the !stat won't display the entire "Luchas de Apuestas" line.
  • The bot will now keep track of every WOTM and it will be added to the WOTM winner's account and displayed in !stats (will be added to website bio stats as well in the future).
  • Fixed most of the oversized website banners.
  • Recentered the title of the WOTM page. It was misplaced since the last update.
  • Removed stable ranking page code banner and replaced with iframe new banner.
  • Fixed minor html error on iTNA title history.
  • Fixed Manager perk 3count glitch. The bot would continue with the pin and wouldn't give you the chance to !heyman.
  • Significantly reduced the prices for MillionDollar belt shot and buy. to 35k for a shot and 80k for a direct title win.
  • Raised the bonus points for MillionDollar belt win and defense. 5 pts for a win and 5 pts for defense.
  • Lowered the points you lose if you lose the MillionDollar belt from 10 to 3. I increased the cash loss when losing the belt though, to 5k.
  • Changed the entire color theme back to orange.

AI Bot:
  • Fixed bug where the bot wouldn't read the "AI should make another move now!" variable. (Thanks to snug00r for this bug report.)
  • Fixed bug where the bot wouldn't read the "Referee didn't notice opponent going through the table" variable. (Thanks to Vegeta for this bug report.)
  • Added Auto-Buy for Lottery Tickets. The AI bots will now auto-buy the tickets on their own.
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