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iTNA-Ref bot scripting log/journal
Patch v6.0.60 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Major modifications to the users.cgi bio pages. Added class, money, and division into the bio display.
  • Made it so that it will say "None." instead of "." if the user has no title wins in their title history.
  • Added Submission2 and Trademark2 to bio pages.
  • Added iTNAtron panel into the bio pages..

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed bug where you'd buy mild or serious heal me card and when you'd try to !healme it would cost you points instead of using your cards.
  • Fixed issue where !readwotm would work for unregistered nicks.
  • Added nominal read for !readwotm, it can either ready your wotm if you do it without a variable, or specify a nick to read.
  • Added Million Dollar belt to Title palmares for stables.
  • Added !infotournament trigger.
  • Fixed typos in steel steps moves from NHB match type.
  • Fixed bug where P2 would get damaged more even though he'd put his opponent through the announcer's table (thanks to Dekai for this bug report).
  • Removed duplicate dirty pin in !Inventory.
  • Made one-liner codes for +m and +v for match settings.
  • Made it so that you will get voiced by iTNA-Ref in case your internet drops and you reconnect but you can't talk because +m is on.
  • Modified the color scheme for !H health display. Hopefully, it makes it easier for people to follow.

AI Bot:
  • Added custom moves to the AI. Added all moves lists to its gamebook.
  • Removed irish whip from AI bot.
  • Added check health variable for when the bot does a move and RefBot does not recognize it.
  • Modified rand check_health from 1,5 to 1,4. Might make it a tad faster.
  • Added new custom insult quotes for when the bot beats you.
  • Added auto buy and auto heal me script for when bot gets injured.
  • Fixed bug in boiler room match where if the boiler room was slammed shut randomly when someone would try to leave, the bot wouldnt know and would keep trying to leave the boilerroom.
  • Fixed bug in light tubes match where it kept dragging without whipping into the lighttubes. (Thx Fowler5)
  • Fixed bug in barbed wire where bot would do drag face when it could do weapon moves, givinig it's opponent the advantage. (Thx Fowler5)
  • Fixed KO match, it didn't have any identifiers for the new moves lists.
  • Added Smart AI code for referee shove/wake in First Blood match to stop abuse from Kuntar. (Thx Fowler5).
  • Added auto identify in case of bot drops during a match and has to identify.
  • Fixed issue on First Blood match, code snippet would bug the entire AI.
  • Fixed bug on StreetFight match, typo in the code would glitch the flow of the match.
  • Added Strap match to the AI bot.
Patch v6.0.60 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Finally fixed the Perl script for the roster list where a new user would have a broke pic instead of a NoPic graphic assigned by default. PERL CGI SUCKS and I hope to re-write the entire script in MSL someday!
  • Added whip and shove ref to strap match type.
  • Fixed major Dirty pin glitch. It wouldn't work properly for %P2 upon usage.
  • Fixed dirty pin message, it wouldn't display properly.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where Executive and Producers couldn't set the right theme song for users using !useradmin trigger.
  • Fixed Match rating in Iron Man matches, it won't reset anymore after each fall but it does go down after each fall.
  • Restricted submissions in KO match types. (thanks to Kumar for this bug report).
  • Fixed bug in Strap match type where if you'd whip your opponent with the strap, you wouldn't do any damage if you'd be player #2.
  • Fixed bug in where after touching a turnbuckle, the bot will give you your opponent's score instead of yours.
  • Fixed a bunch of code errors and restructured the code inside the Strap match.
  • Added KD restrict to touching turnbuckle when the ref is down.
  • Fixed a small typo in the !help script. Players was spelled wrong.
  • Added help for LumberJack match type.
  • Added extra info for FirstBlood and Strap match types help.
  • Fixed small typo in the Extra Submission TM message, instead of trademark it was tradenark. (Thanks Tamjuk)
  • Modified the dirty pin color scheme and added gender integration into the announcing messages.

AI Bot:
  • N/A.
Patch v6.0.89 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed a bracket break in the deathmatch type. P2 wouldn't get the same $rand.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed typo, opponent was opponenet in a bunch of places in the script.
  • Modified color for the BLEEDING event.
  • Added extra helplines for !help tuxedo & b&p match types.
  • Fixed a bug where the bot would say it doesn't know the move you did when doing *throw into explosive board*.
  • Restricted shove and whip ref until under 90HP for FirstBlood match types.
  • Fixed a bug in !Useradmin script, code would totally print the wrong way for theme songs.
  • Fixed missing bracket in !matchtypes trigger for admin side.
  • Added extra help for !help I-Quit, BattleRoyal & RoyalRumble match types.
  • Fixed lottery auto-generated results page. It wouldn't display the right winner. (Thanks to Josh)
  • Added Memoserv auto notice for Lottery script. The bot will now also send a Memoserv message to the winner, letting him know he won.
  • Added prestige rise and fall for Masked wrestlers upon win/loss of any show/ippv matches.
  • Added unicode clock to Match duration message..

AI Bot:
  • Fixed FirstBlood match, had a bunch of flaws. Bot would use large moves instead of weapons.
  • Added wake ref and shove ref in FirstBlood match type. Now bot will use these moves to avoid Kumar type individuals from using it as an exploit!
  • Added wake ref and shove ref in KO match type. Now bot will use these moves to avoid Kumar type individuals from using it as an exploit!
  • Added Tuxedo match type to the AUTO BOT.
  • Added DeathMatch type to the AUTO BOT.
  • Added I-Quit match type to the AUTO BOT.
  • Added BattleRoyal match type to the AUTO BOT.
  • Added LMS match type to the AUTO BOT.
  • Added Inferno match type to the AUTO BOT.
Patch v6.0.96 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed Elimination Chamber shake move. "Shake" would never connect thus making the game weird, aka Kumar hanging out on the structure and not climbing down!
  • Fixed odds of the pin , shake, pull and jump for Elimination Chamber match.\]\]
  • Added whip, shove, wake referee in Elimination Chamber.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed HTML error in champions list on titles.php file. The problem was on "Last Challengers" line where it wouldn't display the 2nd player and would display an "&" character instead.
  • Added extra help for Elimination Chamber !help.
  • Added automated match report through Memoserv to Card supervisors.
  • Fixed match ending report bug on !infodefense section. (Thanks for Tamjuk for discovering this)

AI Bot:
  • Modified odds for Shove and Wake ref in the KO match type. (Thanks to Fowler5)
  • Added "taunt" to various match types in the AUTO BOT.
  • Fixed bug where the bot wouldn't know what to do if it's opponent's health was higher than 100. (Thanks for Tamjuk for discovering this)
Patch v6.1.09 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Modified the stables list layout.
  • Added 3Way, 4Way, TagTeam & TagTeamElim submatch types to LumberJack match.
  • Fixed it so that the bot doesn't ask for another !breakpin after you've done your break pin.
  • Added Sadistic Madness match type. !help SadisticMadness for info.
  • Added Last Rites match type. !Help LastRites for info.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed a "bold" text error on !retiredtitles sub info.
  • Fixed glitch where if stable member number 3 would be set as co-captain, the "co-captain symbol" wouldn't show.
  • Removed startbio script as it wasn't used anymore. (Thanks to Greek316 for discovering this)
  • Edited welcome message and entrymsgs for #ITNA.
  • Edited !federation trigger a bit to display some extra info.
  • Removed some pointless code, like Burial Chamber code or Triple Cage code.
  • Unload burial chamber file.
  • Added Match startup for DeathMatch & Inferno match types.

AI Bot:
  • Fixed boiler room and whip glitch where bot wouldn't know what to do after "only 5 whips per turn" notice. (Thanks Vegeta for this bug find)
  • Restricted points:off on AUTO BOTS.
  • Added SHOW, SHOW.MainEvent, iPPV, iPPV.MainEvent tags to AUTO BOT. You can now set show/ippv matches by typing !autobot <match type> <match tag> . I.e : !autobot regular Show.MainEvent
  • Added auto-buy for MillionDollar Challenge.

Known bugs that are being worked on:
  • Casket match (match ending does not work)
  • Ultimate X match (whips/shove ref shouldn't work, color bugs)
Patch v6.1.20 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Modified the casket match. It wasn't working at all. Simplified it. From now on, casket is already at ringside, all you have to do is open it and powerbomb your opponent into it to win.
  • Added 3Way, 4Way, and TagTeam as subtypes for the Casket match type.
  • Fixed Last Rites match. You could put the opponent in the coffin without any coffin being there. Fixed bug where you could do regular moves while being in the coffin. Fixed match ending where the wrong player would win the match.
  • Added Caged Inferno match type. Type !Help CagedInferno for more information.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • .

AI Bot:
  • Fixed bug where the bot would get another table if he'd be stopped from setting up the table from the ring. (Thanks to Josh for finding this)
Patch v6.1.27 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Introduced "Momentum" system. Depending on your win streaks, momentum will change to various statuses. This will help more in the booking process for GMs.
  • Added !momentum trigger.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed a typo in the Last Rites match type. whipped replaced with slammed. (thx vichu)
  • Fixed odds for powerbomb onto tombstone in Last Rites match type.
  • Fixed typos in Caged Inferno moves list.
  • Restricted cage escape in CagedInferno until -200HP.
  • Modified help for Caged Inferno in !help.

AI Bot:
  • N/A
Patch v6.1.37 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Re-added champ advantage for MillionDollar title, but it will be a slight HP boost between 2 and 3 HP.
  • !marketzone / !Inventory & !buy can all now be used privately in iTNA-Ref PM. It still works in the channel as well.
  • Randomized health advantage for champion advantage for every title.
  • Modified Royal Rumble match moves restrictions (still needs to be tested to see if it works right)
  • Momentum System is now taking only Show/IPPV matches into account. Momentum will also get higher if your win is a main event.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed small bug on Top5 page where "Ranked #3 would not be printed onto the page.
  • Fixed duplicate "Blackout" in !inventory.
  • Fixed MillionDollar title shot quantity in !inventory.
  • Added MillionDollar belt to title histories and stable title histories.

AI Bot:
  • Fixed $rand on Roulette match setting.
  • Removed KO match type until further development. It was heavily abused. (thanks Kumar you tard).
  • Added $null protection for match setting. IF you'd try to do !autobot match DURING a match, it would clear all variables and bot would glitch.
  • Fixed timers for autobuy on million dollar belt.
  • Added auto cycling after a particular number of victories.
Patch v6.1.50 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Re-Wrote the Champions list. Added extra info and coded the page to be self-reliant, without any actual data on the server.
  • Added MillionDollar belt to the Champs list.
  • Fixed the glitch where you couldn't defend against someone because they're from your stable, even though, it was false.
  • Fixed HTML for Lottery page generation. It wouldn't state the correct numbers for lottery tickets and lottery pot.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Removed duplicate for MillionDollar belt in histories.
  • Fixed "last winner" glitch from !infolottery trigger.
  • Fixed CSS error on awards page where font, links, and colors would be all messed up.
  • Removed MillionDollar belt from the GrandSlam list.
  • Added championship graphic to each title history list.
  • Modified the color of the text in "Title History" for bio pages.
  • Fixed a match ending bug where the rating would glitch on match_start_end variable.
  • Fixed the bot to unset "defended at" for titles that were just won.
  • Removed the SpecRef match type until I re-write the entire thing.

AI Bot:
  • N/A
Patch v6.1.70 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Wrote and fixed the Shows/iPPVs cards HTML generator for Producers and Executives. Eventually the bot will auto generate these files but until I catch up with everything we did in the past, we'll add it manually. (!storyline and !addsegstoryline)
  • Modified the ratings system for matches. We now have more ratings in between 1 to 5. ie: 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 5.
  • Added an easter egg for the rating system, won't show it until someone triggers it.
  • Fixed CagedInferno bug. You could simply whip your opponent into the inferno to win the match which is wrong. This was discovered due to tards not being able to read how the match would work through !Help <match> (tards: Greek316 & Fowler5, thanks)
  • Fixed issue where bot wouldn't take money for renaming your username upon doing !renameuser (thanks to H}{H for reporting this).

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Modified the ratings system for title prestige to work with the new update.
  • Slightly modified the title prestige levels for match ratings.
  • Fixed bug where title would be defended or won during Three Stages of Hell matches. Now titles will only be disputed in the final fall of the Three Stages of Hell match.
  • Restricted pause from ElimChamber to Executives only. (Reason being that it messes up the match timers and it's way too much work to find a workaround, just don't pause or be eliminated!)
  • Restricted pause from Royal Rumble match type for the same reasons stated above.
  • Restricted auto pause script on Elim Chamber match type.
  • Fixed minor typo in Blackout event message.
  • Fixed !help list. It was all tangled up with color and code errors. Some matches were also missing from that list.
  • Fixed Lottery page link. Wrong link was give in the !infolottery trigger.
  • Stopped the Mask Prestige for luchadores to go over 100%.
  • Added Million Dollar belt to stables bio pages title histories.
  • Removed the "iTNA" that was in front of every belt name in stables and users bio pages as we already know they're all iTNA championships, there's no need for that extra text there lol.
  • Added various tourneys and MillionDollar belt to the user bio page.
  • Changed a bit of the color theme in the title history in bio pages. (Gold for iTNA title, Green for active titles, Cyan for Tourneys and other titles, Grey for inactive titles).
  • Fixed minor typo in message for renaming user. The bot would say it took 10k when it reality it takes 15k (which is right).
Patch v6.1.79 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed major issues with ratings and stars system. (after modifying the system a bunch of error occured but most of them have been sorted, let me know if you see anymore.)
  • Added an extra setting for stables. Captains can now choose if they want their captain icon to be displayed in the !stables list via !stable captainicon on or off.
  • Added LOANS. Users can now access loans for their bank accounts through <!buy loan>. You can get up to three loans each consisting of $5,000. Afterwards if you do not pay back the loans, you won't be eligible to get more. Each loan will be paid with 2x interest. So for each 5k you will pay 10k. To pay a loan you will use <!pay loan> . These options are available in channel AND PM.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Added EXTRA HELP for retards like Tamjuk that can't figure out other match types on their own. (TLC Help).
  • Fixed issue with 5 star message for bonus pts. It would display the message for any rating from 3.5 stars above.
  • Made it so that if the match ends in a disqualification the rating will go down slightly. (thanks to Tamjuk for this indirect idea)
  • Fixed a lil bug in the easter egg for the rating system ;d
  • Added space for former stables.
  • Fixed a html typo and error for titles history in bio pages.
Patch v6.1.95 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Restricted the use of finisher+ and submission+ perks while other perks were activated. (Thanks to H}{H for this suggestion).
  • Fixed Gauntlet major glitch where extra loses and wins were added to each player upon match finish. This would cause momentum to break as well. Due to concern of match not finishing properly at the match_stop var, I have fixed this and decided that only the last two players from a Gauntlet series will recieve/lose points/money. (Thanks to H}{H for reporting this bug).
  • Fixed the Handicap match a bit. Added HP disadvantage for the tag team to 65hp. Removed starting finishers from tagteams, they will each have 2 finishers and 1 sub finisher. The tag team will only be allowed two regular tags per match, afterwards, there wont be anymore tag outs so be careful. There is no break pin. Tag Teams are allowed to Double Tag Team move two times like in a regular tag team match. For the moment, this match type is only available in Regular and Hardcore types. (still in beta tho, please test and tell me what you think)

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed a small bug that was occuring in the 6man tag team matches. More precisely in the entrance, there was glitch where the bot wouldn't detect if the stable was champ or not. (Thanks to Josh for reporting this error)
  • Removed some extra code that was deemed not useful anymore from the card HTML auto gen script.
  • Added "fully grown" hair option for the older accounts that get transferred from alumni and wouldn't have that set thus making HairVsHair matches impossible to do. (thanks D__dil_Pakistan for this report)
  • Modified the health disadvantage in Gauntlet series matches for the winner. It's now set to 98HP.
  • Removed 2on1 Handicap match sub type from KO and Table match types due to incompatibility.
  • Added special ending messages for handicap matches.
  • Fixed small issue with Million Dollar Championship display in stables bio pages.
  • Modified message and colours for !Roulette trigger.
  • Fixed bug on !Help trigger where you couldn't get help on a couple matches that were included in the new format of the help section. (Thanks to Tamjuk for this bug report)
  • Added absolutely all the match types in the !roulette script. Alot of them were missing.
  • Added notice message for !roulette trigger when nothing is specified, the bot will tell you what options are available.
  • Added absolutely all the match types in the Roulette match type script. Alot of them were missing.
  • Raised the amount of money you lose in a non show/ippv match from $100 to $500. (thanks to Maavan for this suggestion).
Patch v6.2.10 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed a money glitch for losers on match ending for 5 to 10man matches. The match would glitch and wouldn't end properly.
  • Fixed Hair vs Hair match glitch where match would detect user as not having fully grown hair. This was due to old users being transferred to the new data base. (thanks to Josh & Tamjuk for this bug report).
  • Added TV (show/ippv) match win/loss/percent and total in the !stats
  • Added WOTM points/wins/loss/percent in the !stats (!wotmleader is still available!, !readwotm is not.)
  • Added Last title shot in !info. Bot will now display your last title shot, title AND date. (this will be added regardless if you win or fail to win the title but it wont matter for the actual champs)
  • Added last TV matches list via !lastmatches command trigger. You can either use !LastMatches for your own list or !LastMatches <nick> for someone else's. The bot will display your last 5 TV (show/iPPV) matches that you had.
  • Bot will now display in !inventory which item is activated. (Thanks to H}{H for this suggestion).

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Edited/Updated the !help for Gauntlet match. (thanks to Tamjuk for pointing this out)
  • Fixed lottery file. The auto generated file had a glitch where it wouldn't post the right cash pot that was won that week.
  • Changed color scheme for !stats and !info
  • Added Legendary matches to !stats.
  • Modified a bit the structure of !stats.
  • Removed !readwotm trigger due to all that info being added to the !stats trigger.
  • Fixed !inventory to show only in notice upon using the trigger in the channel. (!inventory can be used in refbot PM aswell!)

Patch v6.2.29 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Added "No Interference" perk to the marketzone. You can buy it at the cost of $8000. This perk will set the match on INTERFERENCE:OFF by default when used.
  • Added "Points" purchase to the marketzone. You can now buy bot points with your cash. Each purchase will give you 10 points for $50,000. (You won't be able to purchase any points if you have active unpaid loans with the iTNA Treasury)
  • Fixed bug where you could activate steroids and other perks for the same match while using the PM of the bot.
  • Added "Backstage Attack" perk to the marketzone. You can now it at the cost of $20000. This perk will give you an almost certain win if odds are in your favor.
  • Added "Spy Cards" to the marketzone. You can now buy it at the cost of $2000. This will allow you to view other people's inventory.
  • Added "Manager" to the marketzone. Buy your own Manager and buy actions for him. More details on the marketzone forum page.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Added 0 variable for Legendary Matches, incase there are 0, the bot will specify that.
  • Modified minor message error on !buy trigger in refbot pm. Instead of telling you that you can see your !Inventory in the bot window it tells you to do in the channel. (you can do both).
  • Removed some useless code from the "blackout" variable.
  • Fixed bug where the champ could use blackout and steroids and other perks along side champ advantage.
  • Lowered the price for a MillionDollar title shot from $100k to $80k.
  • Edited the congrats message for the MillionDollar title shot purchase.
  • Added extra notice for console when someone buys a Million Dollar title shot from the marketzone.
  • Fixed a few typos in !Activate trigger.
  • Raised the base pot for the lottery. From now on, each lottery will start with a base cash pot of a random sum between $10k and $12k.
  • Limited special tag team move to one per team in a 2on1 Handicap match.
  • Fixed minor glitch on match reporting for Iron man match. It wouldn't send the correct scores.
  • Migrated all the lastmatches files databases to a new folder just to keep things tidy.
  • Added Time and Rating in the lastmatches report files.
Patch v6.2.49 added (Major Patch, please read carefully!)

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Added !addbugfix <nick> for Exectives and Producers to add when a user reports a new bug. 5 Points will automatically be added to the specified account and a "bugfix" will be added to said account. (this will also help with achievements).
  • Fixed major glitch in money system where the match wouldn't stop right when there would be a multiple men match.
  • Added !Deactivate command for perks in inventory. Now you can use !Deactivate <item> to deactivate an item from your inventory. Command cannot be used during a match.
  • Added !matchfeed . Match feed will display the latest 10 TV (show/ippv) matches that took place.
  • Added Achievements system. Win and complete your achievements list. Check it via !Achievements or via the specially designed achievements graphic. (a lot of bugs might come out of this, please let me know if you find any!)
  • Full achievements graphic @ https://i-tna.net/viewpage.php?page_id=93

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Removed the UltraViolent championship from "Last Title shot" section in !info.
  • Fixed typo from "Luchas de Apuestas".
  • Added FlamingTable to !Help. (Thanks to Tamjuk for this bug report).
  • Fixed typo in help section for Pure match. (Thanks to Tamjuk for pointing it out).
  • Fixed X-Games cup typo. It wouldn't display right in list or in title histories.
  • Changed a few messages from notice to direct message in the !activate/!deactivate triggers for Bot PM.
  • Changed "title palmares" to "title history" in stables bios due to not being able to add the "รจ" in perl script.
  • Added Million Dollar belt auto writeon upon stable creation to avoid title history glitching again.
  • Restricted Gauntlet matches from adding WOTM points.
  • Fixed glitch in mildhealme-card item. Players would get their items on the negative even after buying. (thanks for D__dil_Pakistan for pointing this out)
  • Fixed glitch where the price of MillionDollar belt challenge was still 100k in PM mode.
  • Removed duplicate "$" characters in !renameuser trigger.
  • Added aditional alias for achievements to make match stop a little bit easier on the bot.
  • Restricted WOTM from SurvivorSeries matches.
Patch v6.2.57 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Added OTL System (Over the Limit). Get 2 in 3 chance to go over the limit and receive a random bonus during a match. OTL meter will rise whenever your opponent gains advantage over you. OTL can be viewed in !h or individually !OTL. Once your OTL reaches 100%, you could get nothing OR an extra finisher, an extra sub finisher, or an HP boost!

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed a typo in the Achievements list (thanks to Tamjuk for pointing it out).
  • Changed !achievements to print in a notice instead of a full channel message.
  • Fixed messages error on Bug Hunter achievement unlocks.
  • Fixed a glitch where the bot would count all TV matches as iPPV main events.
  • Removed extra "halt" incident from LMS match variables.
  • Fixed an "inc" command on a cell match type variable.
  • Fixed bug in Achievements system where the bot would award the Battle Royal achievements in 1on1 Br matches and would also bug on match stop. (Thanks to Vegeta for this bug find).
Patch v6.2.66 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Made it so that when players use "taunt", the OTL meter will go up, this will make taunt valuable in late matches.
  • Created Auto Generated HTML file for Momentum (who's HOT and who's NOT). https://i-tna.net/viewpage.php?page_id=94

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed OTL meters to only appear if HP is right. (under 25hp)
  • Fixed some colors in the OTL variable.
  • Added variation for the OTL Bar percentage.
  • Added more boosts to OTL. It can go as follows: Nothing, An extra finisher, An extra submission finisher, An extra finisher & submission finisher, An extra finisher & HP Boost, An extra submission finisher and Sub HP boost, HP Boost. HP & Sub HP Boost.
  • Added failure message to OTL System.
  • Added momentum page link to !momentum trigger.
  • Fixed a few typos in the achievements graphic..
Patch v6.2.77 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed bug on Achieve variable where the bug would glitch on match stop and wouldn't know what to add.
  • Fixed bug on match stop where a variable would glitch in co-ordination of achievements glitch.
  • Fixed bug where you could straight up table without setting or getting table in strictly the Table 2/3, 3/5 and 4/7 falls match types.
  • Fixed backstage attack and blackout bugs where it would glitch cause it wouldn't know what type of match was set.
  • Fixed Batoru Royaru achievement glitch where it wouldn't be unlocked in a multiple men match. This has been resolved due to the adition of the brand new matchtype variable.
  • Fixed bugs for MainEvents and Franchise player achievements. Items wouldn't unlock due to some match type issues.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed issue where the bot would try to take points from "Vacant" if the title was vacant prior to the title match.
  • Removed "domomentum" alias due to it not being used anymore.
  • Fixed bug where bot would award money twice to the winner.
  • Removed "tagain" alias due to it not being used anymore in Table matches.
  • Added a secondary match type variable for the bot to differentiate between match types, singles ,multiple and tag. This will make it easier to fix and add perks without bugs happening.
Patch v6.3.30 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed bug in OTL system where HP and Sub-HP wouldn't work correctly.
  • Restricted !Breakpin in Table,Ladder,TLC,Cage,KO,LionsDen & Casket TagTeam matches for obvious reasons. (Thanks to Josh for reporting this bug).
  • Fixed bug in TagTeam IronMan match where the match wouldn't stop properly due to a typo in the code.
  • Serious perks restricted to one every three months.
  • Fixed, tested and checked all the automated achievement unlocks.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Removed "Freedom IRCup" from !tournaments.
  • Added IWWF title for storyline purposes.
  • Fixed !deactivate trigger. IT would only work on steroids perk so I fixed it to work on all perks. (thanks to Josh for this bug report).
  • Fixed market.rb load issues.
  • Unloaded protection.rb scripts as they aren't really needed anymore.
  • Replaced all #iTNA chanreads to reading directly from the settings file, making it easier for me to set remote channels without editing the core script if needed.
  • Replaced all #iTNA.staff chanreads to reading directly from the settings file for console channel name, making it easier for me to set remote channels without editing the core script if needed.
  • Raised the OTL boosts for HP and Sub-HP by a small margin.
  • Fixed glitch in entrance messages for the Million Dollar belt. (thanks to Tamjuk for this bug report)
  • Removed "chair shot" and "low blow" from interference counters (so they wouldn't pop up in a Regular type match) and added "Pepsi Plunge", "Fameasser" & "Angle Slam". (thanks to Maven for this suggestion).
  • Fixed bug in Achievements for "The Brute" achievement where people would get the achievement even if they'd lose the match. (Thanks to Maven for this bug report).
  • Added extra code for "The Brute achievemnt so it would detect it for the Tag Team IronMan match as well.
  • Fixed small typo for "-iTNA-Ref- you must identify before useing this command". (Thanks TLKiller990 for this report).
  • Fixed typo in Manager Perk activation message.
  • Fixed extra space in Manager perk "spit" sequence.
  • Fixed issue where if the match would end in a draw/tie (i.e FirstBlood matches), the channel would remain moderated(+m) and the bot wouldn't devoice and stop the match properly.
  • Started tracking draws as ties in the stats for each user. It's now displayed in !stats.
  • Modified the !marketzone lists and restructured the perks. We'll now divide them between "Serious Perks" & "Minor Perks".
  • Added time restrictions for each serious perk individually (dirtypin, steroids, blackout & backstage attack).
  • Changed the date format for injury time to show Day/Month/Year instead of month/day/year. Also made it say the actual month instead of numerals, same thing added to Serious Perk expiry information.
  • Fixed issue where "Last Challenger" would not be added to the UltraViolent Championship information.
  • Fixed issue where there would be an extra "&" character in the champions list for Tag Team belt in the "Won From" section, when the section would only contain "Vacant" element.
  • Fixed typo in Roulette where the bot would pick Death Match and would post it as "Death Match Match". (Thanks to Tamjuk for this report).
  • Fixed bug where if you'd buy the million dollar belt, the bot would tell you that you unlocked the achievement for that but wouldn't add it to your achievements list. (Thanks to Kumar for this bug report).
  • Fixed bug where DirtyPlayer achievement would be unlocked by simply activating and deactivating DirtyPin three times, thus cheating the system. It will now only count as a use after the match actually starts.
  • Modified the DirtyPlayer achievement unlock announcement to be sent via /notice instead of public message so the bot doesn't give it away during the actual match.
  • Fixed bug where "The Legend" achievement wouldn't be added even if you'd score a 5+ stars match.
  • Added P3 and P4 to Legendary Matches count, so it would add 5+ stars matches to tag team partners as well.
  • Added P3 and P4 to Legendary Matches count, so it would add 5+ stars matches to 3-Way and 4-Way participants as well.
  • Added MatchType variable to Royal Rumble, Battle Royal and Strap matches as they were all missing it.
  • Fixed "Battoru Royaru", "Ready to Rumble", "Royal Rumble 2nd Best" and "Battle Royal 2nd Best" achievements. They would not activate due to match type variable not being added.
  • Fixed "The Brute" achievement where you'd unlock it no matter what time would be set for the iron man match. Now you only get it for 60 minutes Iron Man matches only!
  • Fixed bug where a last rites win would not be added to the player's stats. (This is important for "The Deadman" achievement.)
  • Fixed "The Deadman" achievement unlock. It wouldn't unlock because it wasn't added ad the end of the achievements checking variable.
  • Fixed bug in Casket match where the bot would give random block messages for Player3 when the match would be 1on1.
  • Fixed "The Collector" achievement unlock. Added it for onjoin achievements check up to be more precise.
  • Fixed issue with Mr Bfg Achievement where it would count ALL matches no matter the tag.
  • Fixed all the Mr BFG fake achievemnt unlocks and locked them back up.
  • Fixed bug in Ladder Tag Team matches where when a tag occured, a player would kick the ladder out of his team mate's hands. (Thanks to CaptainCharisma for this bug report).
  • Fixed color code glitches for !stable inactive/active commands.
  • Made it so that you won't lose any money for leaving an inactive stable. (Thanks to Fowler5 for this bug report.)
  • Added $ char to all the money sums in the code. They weren't being displayed properly during notice messages.
  • Fixed bug where treasury money was being added even though the stable was inactive and the player left it while it was inactive thus not spending anything.
  • Fixed bug where former stable wouldn't work properly upon leaving by your own for member 2 to 5.
  • Made it so that the bot loads up the MomentulHTML.rb file, the bot didn't know what /momentumhtml variable was due to the file not being available.
  • Possible bug for injury script as it would display an error in status window for injured.ini addition. (Will still look into this). Added "-n" flag for writeini.
  • Fixed bug with "Manager" perk where the wrong person would be notified about the !heyman trigger. (Thanks to Kumar for this bug report).
  • Added !forfeit command that automatically gives the selected winner a match win/wotm pts/money/regular points and tv win. Same applies to the selected loser. This is just to make my life easier with slackas.

AI Bot:
  • Fixed critical glitch in Lightubes matchup. Bot wouldn't set an important variable.
  • Fixed bug where the bot wouldn't know what to do if a TIE occured at the end of the match.
Patch v6.3.50 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed No-Interference perk glitch where it wouldn't remove the activated perk after usage. Staying activated and giving unlimited no interferences. (Thanks to Kumar for this bug report)
  • Fixed issue with Match Rating where it would glitch and it would stay to 0 in 2/3, 3/5, 4/7, ironman, and 3stagesofhell match types.
  • Significantly decreased the OTL HP&SHP Boosts. (Thanks to H}{H for pointing it out)
  • Added Adderall perk. This is a minor perk that is used to boost speed. It is basically amphetamine. You can buy it ($8000), activate it, and use it during a match via !speed. It will trigger an instant OTL.
  • Added DoubleTag+ perk. This is a minor perk that can be used by tag teams. You need to buy it from the market zone ($15000), activate it and you will have an extra double tag team move to do during your match. Only of teammate is allowed to use this perk, if both have it, the other teammate will have his perk deactivated and sent back into inventory.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Updated the list for MarketZone prices/items on the iTNA Website.
  • The Collector achievement has been modified to be achieved only when you have the following items (at once) in your inventory: Mild HealMe Card, Serious HealMe Card, Steroids, Backstage Attack, Interference+, Spy, Distract, Blackout, DirtyPin, Finisher+, Submission+, No Interference, Extra Taunt & Manager. (Thanks to Tamjuk for pointing it out)
  • Match rating will now be affected by pin reversals and kick-outs as well.
  • Match rating will now be affected by how many OTLs are achieved during the match.
  • Match rating will now be affected by crit hits as well.
  • Match rating will now be affected by blind tags, taunts & missed moves.
  • Doing special moves in the following match types: Ambulance, Cage, Casket, Cell, EC, B&P, BR, RR, BBCage, Boiler, BuriedAlive, CagedInferno, Death, Eropes, FTable, Inferno, IQuit, Ladder, LastRide, LastRites, LightTubes, LionsDen, LMS, LumberJack, LuchaLibre, MonstersBall, NHB, ParkingLot, Pole, Prison, PunjabiPrison, Strap, StreetFight, Stretcher, Table, Tacks, TLC, Tuxedo, UltimateX, will significantly affect overall match rating.
  • Fixed small typo in the Elimination Chamber match type.
  • Added No-Interference special messages for each player from 1 to 4.
  • Changed halt trigger to return on No interference perk to avoid any mishaps during matches.
  • Made it so that if you have a MillionDollarChallenge in your inventory and you get a Million Dollar Championship match, win or lose, the MillionDollarChalllenge will be deducted from your inventory. (Thanks to Vegeta for this bug report).
  • Fixed a small typo in the Manager perk message.
  • Replaced all halt triggers with return in Manager perk script, to avoid any issues during matches.
  • Restricted !heyman to people that are strictly in the match that's taking place.
  • Added special OTL variable to work with !speed.

AI Bot:
  • N/A.
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