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iTNA-Ref bot scripting log/journal
Patch 5.8.15 added

Patch Version Description:

* Fixed some small text typos in some scripts.

* Fixed some !info details. If users/alumnis wouldn't have gimmick/character/alignments set, the bot would display NULL (empty space), not it will display "Not Set" until the user sets his stuff properly via !bioadd trigger.

* Added HairVsHair match type

* Made different messages at the end of HairVsHair, depending on the loser's alignment (heel or face).

* Restricted HairVsHair to Bald people.

* Made is so that after a HairVsHair match, the loser will be bald for a month and won't be able to be in other HairVsHair matches until his hair grows back. After two weeks his hair will be Partially Grown and after a month Fully Grown. He can't compete in HairVsHair until Fully Grown though.

* Made it so that the bot will send you a message upon joining the channel, noticing you that your hair is now Fully Grown for HairVsHair match.

* Added Luchas & Apuestas stats (Wager Matches, like for Hair or Mask). They will only display in !stats if the user has at least a win or a loss on Luchas&Apuestas.

* Added MaskVsMask match type (Wrestlers fight by wagering their masks, this win will count as a Lucha And Apuestas stat win).

* Added !BuyMask trigger for people who want to buy a mask for their character. (Will cost 10 points).

* Made different messages at the end of MaskVsMask match type, depending on the winner's alignment (heel or face).

* Restricted MaskVsMask to Unmasked people.

* Added prestige to wrestlers masks. The more you win MaskVsMask matches the more your mask's prestige will grow.


Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby
Patch 5.8.18 added

Patch Version Description:

* Fixed bug where everyone would get the message from the HairVsHair script that their hair grew back, even if it wasn't the case.

* Fixed writeinis and reminis for the maskvsmask and hairvshair scripts. Code was too long and used some little tricks to make it work how I wanted it to work.

* Added MaskVsMask and HairVsHair to !help trigger as help topics.


Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby
Patch 5.8.24 added

Patch Version Description:

* Edited the help section for Mask vs Mask.

* Added MaskVsMask at Category V match type where you get 6 pts for show win and 7 for ippv win. (this is due to buying a mask costing 10 points).

* HairVsHair was added to Category IV match type.

* Added MaskVsMask LUCHA LIBRE style, the purpose of this match type is to unmask your opponent to win the match, unlike the classic MaskVsMask where you just have to pin or submit
your opponent to win the match. Again, this is a Luchas & Apuestas Match. There are no weapons in this match type, no referee whip or shove.

* Added Mask vs Mask Lucha Libre help.


Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby
Patch 5.8.31 added

Patch Version Description:

* Fixed the welcome message issue. Some files werent loaded properly into the script section. (thx to H}{H for tellling me it was bugged)

* Fixed champions list live update for website. The script file wasnt loaded and thus, the script wouldnt work properly.

* Fixed special welcome message for champions. The "Hair Grow" script was forbidding the special welcome to execute. (thx to H}{H for tellling me it was bugged)

* Changed the layout colors of the champions welcome message. (more precisely on the title belts).

* Fixed the Patriot to look like the other belts, users can still set their prefered color on the belt text, but only inside the brackets.

* Modified the title list layout, colors and text style from the !titles trigger.

* Added Prestige Script for each iTNA Belt. The following counts for the prestige rise or fall - Match Rating, Winner of the belt Ranking, Defenses


Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby
Edited by Sherby on 14.10.2015
Patch 5.8.34 added

Patch Version Description:

* Fixed some prestige bugs.

* Added more decrease for titles prestige when a lower rank player wins the belt from a higher rank player.

* Scripted !infodefense trigger for all the belts. (This will show a list of all the defenses a player has made on his title, assuming he made any defenses. The info would contain the date, card, player he defeated and match ending).


Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby
Patch 5.8.39 added

Patch Version Description:

* Fixed a small bug for the Prestige script. (One including when you'd vacate it would just bug).

* Added an excempt for iTNA title to never go below 50% prestige no matter what.

* Edited the Prestige Script to decrease prestige of a belt if it gets vacated. (Highest random prestige decrease dating)

* Fixed a bug where the bot would not finish the match properly because of a variable not setting from finish match details like the Ending report or Rating report.

* Fixed lots of bugs in the prestige script. Bot was deducting prestige instead of increasing if the rank of the winner was higher.


Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby
Patch 5.8.46 added

Patch Version Description:

Fixed a report ending bug, it was ocuring in non-show matches and it wouldnt report the match ending for the report sheet.

Fixed the bug where aluminis would be added randomly to the active roster listings.

Added prestige limit to 0% on all titles. It wont go under 0 no matter what.

Added prestige limit to 50% on the iTNA title.

Edited the !titles trigger a bit and added !infodefense to it's informational quote.

Fixed match ending bug where the match wouldn't stop properly if it was a 5 star. This was occuring due to recent code addition for the prestige script. (Thanks to D_Bryan for the bug report).

Scripted a trigger to show every superstar that is masked and will also display their mask prestige. - !Luchadores (Thanks to Jason_Voorhees for the idea).


Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby
Non-iTNA Refbot code / Automatic Forum Post Notifier

Patch Version Description:

As you read in the title, this script is included into the AI bot. It will send a message to notify users on the channel that a new forum post has been created.
For the moment it only works for the Role Playing section. But It will develop on the whole forum.


Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby
Patch 5.8.61 added

Patch Version Description:

* Removed some old triggers code.

* Added !Injured triggers that displays a list of all the currently injured stuperstars.

* Scripted the AIs to do UltraViolent championship matches in normal, show and iPPV matches.

* Added KO (Show, iPPV, UltraViolent) match type to the AIs.

* Upgraded to mIRC version 7.43. (Expect some bugs).

* Fixed a major bracket mis-match on the main script file.

* Fixed html error in champions list on titles.php file. The problem was on "Last Challengers" line where it wouldnt display the 2nd player and would display an "&" character instead.

* Fixed bug where the report ending of the match was erreneous & would cause the !infodefense to display wrong data on the title defenses. (Also one of the reasons that would cause problems for the ending sequence of a match).

* Fixed bug where the report rating of the match was erreneous & would cause problems with the prestige scripts and ending sequence of the match.

* Edited the bio page titles list to display "None" instead of a point "." when an account wouldnt have any title wins yet.

* Changed the character for captain, in stables list (!stables trigger).

* Changed the character of co-captain, in stables list (!stables trigger).

* Changed the Tag Team Champions Characters in stables list (!stables trigger).

* Added clock unicode character to Match Duration text at the end of a match.

* After Applying the new mIRC version several triggers wouldn't work properly. So I fixed them to work with the new version of mIRC. (!TopStar, !Top3, !Top5, !Top10 and !Stables) - Might be more but I didn't find any yet.


Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby
Patch 5.8.68 added

Patch Version Description:

* Re-Wrote the Top5 PHP code, since the new mirc version, the script would not print properly and would glitch on bot update, causing the bot to loop the update script and block activity.

* Edited the Stables list from !Stable trigger a bit. (Removed extra space between Captain and Captain Unicode char, and added an extra bracket at the end of stable members-thx to Dark_One for pointing it out).

* Re-Wrote the part on top5.php where it displays the Previous rank, although it still bugs once in a while (because of multiple updates) it will be more accurate than before.

* !injured had a little text glitch and wouldn't display the unicode char when the list was empty. (Fixed).

* Re-Wrote !topstar/!top3/!top5/!top10 and added !top20(a trigger that just lets you know what the full rankings link is on the website).

* Fixed and re-wrote !WOTMLeader script. After the new mIRC 7.43 patch that script stopped working. Added new variables and also added multiple nicks to the "tied" end. Added protections and halts for when WOTM database is empty or not complete aswell. (Thanks Lampard for bug report)

* Fixed the !user access script where a GeneralManager could not modify access for a pending user. (Thanks to Lampard). Also added a few tweaks to the script as it has major security issues.


Other Notes:
Thanks to Lampard and Dark_One for reporting bugs.
Non-iTNA Refbot code / Automatic Forum Post Notifier v2

Patch Version Description:

As you read in the title, this script is included into the AI bot. It will send a message to notify users on the channel that a new forum post has been created.
I developed the code to now fetch forum posts from the other forum sections like Bacstage, News and Free For All!
Also added to the code to fetch latest RP INXT forum posts.


Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby
Edited by Sherby on 06.12.2015
Patch 5.9.00 added (MAJOR UPDATE)

Patch Version Description:

* Fixed spelling error on !wotmleader. [Thanks to Lampard for pointing it out]

* Fixed a small BarbedWire match glitch.

* Fixed alumni script glitches.

* Fixed users.cgi script glitches.

* Fixed the problem where the alumni bios wouldn't display the title histories for each user.

* Fixed the issue where a random "None" would be displayed after each title history list from people's bios.

* Coded !Alignments trigger that lists Faces, Heels and Tweeners to each individual line-ups in the channel. (Thanks to TaylorSwift for the idea)

* Fixed the colors on NHB and Inferno match start descriptions.

* Added champion's advantages on NHB and Inferno match types.

* Fixed NHB bugs (Turnbuckle move was glitched, ppl could do it without climbing turnbuckle (thanks to Dark_One for this bug report).

* Fixed NHB text errors.

* Edited NHB colors.

* Added extra damage to NHB moves. Now ppl can actually use them and the outside ring environment.

* Fixed a glitch on !ping trigger. Trigger stopped working after mirc patch update.

* Re-Wrote the #1 Stable website panel. Added smooth code and extra graphics.

* Modified some stuff about the console channel, changed the name of the console channel and the core code of the reporting into the console channel.

* Programmed a new system called "iTNA Trading Cards System". Players can earn card drops after they win a match.
A player has the following odds:
1 in 10 chance to get a drop after a match win. (you can end up with nothing after several match wins!)
After you get pass the match win odd then you have:
1 in 5 chance to get a Regular iTNA Card drop.
1 in 30 chance to get a Rare iTNA Card drop.
1 in 50 chance to get an Epic iTNA Card drop.
1 in 100 chance to get a Legendary iTNA Card drop.

There is a total of 50 Trading Cards in this 1st Collection. Whoever collects them all will get a "Wrestling Badge" at the end called "iTNA Collectionaire" and it will appear on your !info and on your bio page.
If all goes well, other collections will be released for you to collect, earning you more achievements and badges.
After each card win, you will be provided with a link where you can view your card's design. The name of the available collectible cards are undisclosed.


You can use !Inventory to check someone's Trading Cards inventory.
You can trade OR sell your trading cards.
Each card tier is worth a different price.

* Added security usage to iTNA Trading Card System.

* Added Flood Control to iTNA Trading Card System.

* Added restriction for !inventory trigger during a match.

* Added !Trade system for the ITNA Trading Card System. (i.e: !Trade <YourCard> <Trader'sNick> <Trader'sCard>)

* Added !AcceptTrade to the !Trade system.

* Fixed !AcceptTrade glitches where it wouldn't count right the recieved cards.

* Added trade lock to !Trade system so others don't start a trade while one is already active.

* Made 50 graphics for each card that you can win. (fucking hell).

* Added iTNA Collectionare I-Wrestling Badge achievement for people who collect all the iTNA Trading Cards. (It will be displayed in the !info and in the bio page later on as I develop it)


Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby
awesome stuff Sherby, love all them new ideas
Patch 5.9.12 added

Patch Version Description:

  • Fixed a tiny bug on !ping script. The channel name was not set properly inside the code.
  • Restricted Card drops to points:off matches.
  • Made the bot report card drops to the console channel aswell. So admins can monitor this.
  • Updated a bit of info on the iTNA inSIDE file.
  • Modified the odds for card drops with 2%. (v1.1)
  • Fixed bug where !match roulette tagteam would not work.
  • Fixed bug on Roulette TagTeam where it would bug if it would randomly pick eXtreme type.
  • Modified the odds for tier card drops with 50%. (v1.2)
  • Seen.txt file has been refreshed and cleaned up because it had too much useless data in it and it would make the bot lag whenever someone would join the channel.
  • Got rid of the big ass log file of thousands of MB and created a new fresh file.
  • Fixed Battle Royal match stop issue, where the match would not stop properly at the end. It was a variable for titles issue, Battle Royal would set a different variable for the titles than normal matches do, so the prestige wouldn't recognize it and thus the match would glitch at the end.
  • Fixed a "goto" action from the moves list upon the pin sequence, it would make many match endings bug.
  • Added wotmupdate variable to !resetwotm trigger.


Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby
that alot of good stuff. wow.
Patch 5.9.13 added

Patch Version Description:

* Wrote a special panel that will be added to the website and updated everytime a new WOTM is decided (after !resetWOTM is triggered)

[img]https://www.i-tna.net/images/Addons/wotmshow.png[/img] is not a valid Image.

Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby

Merged on 02 March 2016 23:15:48:
Patch 5.9.15 added

Patch Version Description:

* Modified the IC title code a bit, since the unification of the IC and X-Div belts.

* Re-Wrote the iTNA Champions main page panel code. (Because we unified the IC and X titles, I had to re-do this)

[img]https://www.i-tna.net/images/Addons/newchampspanel.png[/img] is not a valid Image.

Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby

Merged on 23 March 2016 20:24:25:
Patch 5.9.22 added

Patch Version Description:

* Removed lots of special greets that were on hold for years. Cleared code.
* Fixed the "&" on the Last Challengers links to player's profiles, on the 2nd player's link, from the Champions panel.
* Fixed KO 4/7 Match type. Match would not start. (Thanks to edge for this bug report).
* Fixed crowd bug on Battle Royal matches. Crowd would be set as off everytime. (Thanks to Dark_One for this bug report).
* Restricted card drops for both AI bots.
* Added the code for the iTNA Collectionaire display on !info.
* Transfered the X-Division title into the inactive titles part of the code.


Other Notes:

Coder: Sherby

Merged on 03 April 2016 18:55:32:
Patch 5.9.33 added

Patch Version Description:

* Added Kings of Trios trophy to !trophies and code.
* Removed all $chan and replaced it with a read from the variables file for better suitability.
* Added !match trigger to console channel aswell. So that bookers can check out match types without disturbing the main channel. (Thanks to edge)
* Modified the !ippvlist trigger a bit.
* Fixed all the Rampage show glitches on !card or !editcard triggers.
* Moved Mask and Mask Prestige data to users.ini due to some conflicts.
* Fixed the !luchadores trigger to show only ACTIVE luchadores. It was showing inactive people that weren't on the active roster.
* Fixed the !injured trigger to tell you there are no injured superstars incase the list is empty, unlike a blank message that was before.
* Fixed !info trigger to properly display information about The mask and mask prestige.

* Fixed the issue where random alumni users would pop in the active roster list without anyone transfering them. This would happen when they would be in a stable and then be transfered to alumni section.
Their nick would remain in the stable. Upon the owner deleting or inactivating the stable, their name would be set partially active on the roster list but it wouldnt work either way. This would also cause the
Vacant nick appearing in the Roster list too.

* Added special messages for people who trade cards. Telling them the trade was successful or not and giving them a link.


Other Notes:

Merged on 29 May 2016 12:34:43:
Patch 5.9.37 added

Patch Version Description:

* iTNA-Ref now uses MemoServ to send memos to the general managers about matches getting done, this is in the case our zncs don't buffer the match into the console room and we miss it.

* Fixed an issue with the !wotmleader trigger. The numbers weren't right and the bot would display all players as tied if 1,2,3,4 were tied. #5 would be diplayed as tied too. (Thanks to Dark_One for this bug report).

* Edited the iTNA champion welcome message a bit.

* Added anti-cheat system to the tag team matches. This implies that if you abuse and tag eachother conescutively, you will trigger an anti-cheat system that will stop you from tagging out for an undisclosed time period, this might cause you to lose the match, so be careful. (This applies only when the referee is down, this anti-cheat system was implemented due to loop hole found into the match tactic as in people would tag one another until the referee would come back up.) -Thanks to Dark_One for pointing this out-

* Fixed AI Bots bug where if you would set a match and during the match you'd try to set the match again, the bot would glitch. -Thanks to SteveAustin forthis bug report-


Other Notes:

Merged on 25 June 2016 02:13:37:
Patch 5.9.52 added

Patch Version Description:

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Added !healme block for the World champ so it stops them from healing right after they get injured. They will have to wait some time before they can use !healme. This gives the CITV more chances. (Thanks to chemical for this suggestion)
  • Added Last Title Shot and Last Title Shot Date in the !info trigger.
  • Fixed ending on Royal Rumble match where match wouldnt stop properly if a title was set on the match. It would basically glitch on prestige var.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed a few messages in the injure script.
  • Fixed a color error on the "bleeding" message.
  • Fixed timer error on injured block alias.
  • Fixed the bug in Gauntlet where title would not change hands for P6/P7. (let me know if any other bugs occur)
  • Fixed bug on !alignments trigger where it wouldnt work if no Tweeners were available.
  • Edited the Current titles held to show only when you actually have a title held.
  • Added write line on the !register trigger so every new user has Hair set to fully grown. Hair vs Hair matches would glitch if users would have that written in their bio profile.
  • Fixed a couple of errors on the Royal Rumble match including some messages and colors.
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs in Elimination Chamber match, including match not ending properly. (It still has a few bugs and it's not perfect, please report any bug occurances)
  • Fixed the bug where the bot would glitch when a GM would try to award a title to someone.
  • Edited the color of the update announcement message. (Ice's idea).


Merged on 27 June 2016 18:27:50:
Patch 5.9.59 added

Patch Version Description:

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Finished the !help trigger. Added help and informations for every match type available.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed a few messages in the injure script.
  • Fixed a bug in the !vacate trigger where it would glitch on Tag Team vacate.
  • Fixed double message upon vacating a title.
  • Fixed bug where bot would display wrong location in !bottime and !time.
  • Added iTNA X Games trophy to the !trophies list.
  • Added extra line message to the !trophies trigger to let people know what the graphical panel link is.
  • Added extra informative message on the !infotitle trigger about !infodefense trigger. It will only display if the title has at least a defense on it.


Merged on 03 July 2016 21:43:30:
Patch 5.9.65 added

Patch Version Description:

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Modified the tag matches inner works. From now on, when the ref is down and you try to tag, there's a chance you miss the tag because the ref "did not see your tag", this way, we get to not have an anti-cheat system and we also eliminate the loop-hole in tag matches when the ref is down and people would continously tag eachother until the ref would get back up.

Thank you very much to the beta testers: pikachu and Vegeta
Thanks to pikachu for this great idea.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Modified the topic script, the colors and the structure. Also made it so that you can add different colors in the !topicnews section.
  • Updated the "Did You Know" section of the AI bot.
  • Fixed html code glitch on the champions list where the last challenger's 2nd name would not appear correctly.
  • Fixed the a bug for the !trademark / !trade triggers. The bot would be confused and send you mixed messages. [Thanks to Xavier_Supreme for sending me this bug report]
  • Removed the Anti-Cheat system for tag matches because it wasn't practical.

Patch 5.9.68 added

Patch Version Description:

Major Additions/Fixes:

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed the shove referee move. It was broken. [Thanks to pikachu for reporting this bug]
  • Fixed a few moves on the Monsters Ball match. The break lighttube ropes move, The drags face on lighttube, The drags face on barbedwire.
  • Modified championship prestige. Tried to balance it yet again. Still in beta testing.

Patch 5.9.72 added

Patch Version Description:

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where the tag alias was duplicate. This came after the numerous modifications that were made for the tag system and it got mixed up. When you were tagging the messages that you missed a tag wouldnt show and it would skip directly to your opponent without notice.
  • Fixed another tag alias duplicate that occured on a failed patching.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed a console channel bug where it would relay private debug messages to the wrong channel.

Edited by Sherby on 12.07.2016
Heinrich Himmler
Patch 5.9.78 added

Patch Version Description:

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • * Lowered the advantage of a champion to the following:
  • - iTNA Champion gets a random number between 3 and 5.
  • - Intercontinental, Patriot and TagTeam all get a random number between 2 and 4. (In the TagTeam case, the 2nd champ that isnt in the ring, gets a rand number between 2 or 3.)
  • * Added champ disadvantage when CITV is cashed in. Now when a match is set against the CITV briefcase holder and the iTNA title is on the line, the champion will start with a disadvantage health point of a random number between 4 and 5 HP.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • * UltraViolent title was removed from the "Last Title Shot" section, because it was irrelevant when you got your last UV title shot and we'd all end up having that in there since its a 24/7 title.
  • * Restricted Tag Move in a Ladder 4Way Match.
  • * Added injury check for the following matches that didn't have this option added: Ladder TagTeam , Ladder 3 Way, Ladder 4 Way, TLC TagTeam.
  • * Added champ advantage for the following matches that didn't have this option added: Ladder TagTeam , Ladder 3 Way, Ladder 4 Way, TLC TagTeam.

We're doing this, Himmler's way!


Bio Page: https://i-tna.net...gi?Himmler
Patch v5.9.97 added

Patch Version Description:

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed issue where the bot would lag on join/part, possibly on nick change as well.
  • Removed mIRC version CTCP display for security reasons.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed On join message where the bot would message itself.
  • Removed mIRC version CTCP display for security reasons.
  • Modified $decode message.
  • Added setting for Luchas & Apuestas stats on auto-add for newly regged users to avoid bugs on !stats.
  • Note: Because of the loss of our latest version dating from this script log, I will try to add everything I scripted on the last bot on this bot. It will take Time but it will be done. Thanks
  • Added !commands trigger with a link attached.
  • Fixed bug that used to clear all data from status window of the client.
  • Fixed update trigger.
  • Fixed update FTP scripts and syncs.
  • Fixed roster sync/titles sync.
  • Edited titles history data to accurate dates from the transition from Discord wrestling.

Merged on 06 May 2020 02:30:09:
Patch v5.9.112 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Completely re-wrote the access entire script. !user changed to !access and modified levels to be equal to numbers. So it goes as follows: Executive, Producer, GeneralManager, Trainer, Wrestler & Suspended. From 6 to 1.
  • Completely re-wrote the !transfer script fixing flaws in the writeini procedures.
  • Fixed security flaws in the access of the bot, lower levels could modify higher levels and other glitches like that.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Modified welcome message for people part of stables.
  • Unloaded script overlay for topic commands. This would cause a script conflict for these specific triggers.
  • Fixed "informations" typo. Thanks to Tamjuk for pointing it out.
  • Added code to reset wotm points as well when transferring people to alumni or back to the roster.
  • Modified the !readwotm trigger layout and made it avalabile to all access levels.
  • Added extra line to be added to transfered alumni into roster in case they do not have the right access level.
  • Fixed bug where Producers could not initiate the !transfer trigger. (Thanks to Kumar for pointing it out)
  • Added !transfer trigger access to GeneralManager role.
  • Added the additional access data to each user in the active roster, if anyone experiences any trouble please let me know.
  • Fixed some bugs on the 4/7 Falls match type.
  • Fixed colors on 2/3 Falls, 3/5 falls and 4/7 falls match type.
  • Fixed 5-star rating glitch on 2/3 falls, 3/5 falls and 4/7 falls match type. (Match rating would restart after each fall)

Merged on 06 May 2020 06:04:21:
Patch v5.9.122 added

Major Additions/Fixes:

  • Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed !backup script.
  • Re-Balanced the wrestling style percentages.
  • Fixed !injured trigger.
  • Added !suspended trigger.
  • Added !alignments trigger.
  • Removed some old injured/suspended/alignments code clutter.
  • Modified script for the topic changer, added access identifiers to topic triggers.
  • Made the topic changer to work in a non-solo file now. Less clutter.
  • Fixed !luchadores script, it wouldn't show "There's no masked players" message if there were none.
  • Added anti-flood to !alignments command.

Merged on 09 May 2020 18:17:03:
Patch v5.9.141 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Completely re-wrote all the access level restrictions for Suspended and Pending levels. (This helped with more security and more code read flow as the old code was written in multiple useless lines, now it's all neat and tidy!)
  • Relocated the auto-id and onjoin scripts to the main script file.
  • Restricted UV title defense against the same person. Restricted UV title defense against the same player you defeated for the title. (This is due to Ternicucks abusing the UV title and defending only between them)

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed WOTY message year error. I also made it so that it displays only the year and not the full date the WOTY was won on.
  • Removed seen script from the bot as it was making it a bit laggy. (Will transfer this script into the AI bot).
  • Removed a bunch of useless code that was just sitting there without doing nothing, basic clutter.
  • Re-activated the !Forgotpass trigger. You can now use it to recover your refbot password through MEMOSERV.
  • Modified !user command to !access command, through the whole script.
  • Fixed the poll script a bit. Fixed its colors. Removed an option and left it with three available vote options (yes, no or unsure). Added Total vote count.
  • Modified all commands access levels.
  • Added notice message for when your injury is healed up.
  • Fixed Hair vs Hair hair growth script. The hair would grow too fast and you wouldn't get a notice when it finished growing. (Thanks to vichu for pointing this out)
  • Fixed Hair Growth from Hair vs Hair matches, it was a major conflict for other on join scripts.
  • Fixed some Lion's Den bugs. Fixed some typos and color codes inside the match type.
  • Restructured scripts files and got rid of useless script files that weren't helping the bot in any way.
  • Modified the stable creation cost from 10 to 3 bot points.
  • Fixed a console message report for stable creation. It would report to the wrong console chan.
  • Modified some messages and timers on the stables script.
  • Fixed bug where the match would not stop properly if certain things where on. The match would bug match_stop variable if there would be two stables with two members for the tag titles in a match with a show.mainevent tag.

Merged on 10 May 2020 21:33:31:
Patch v5.9.152 added

Major Additions/Fixes:

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Added all special greets into a main on join, cleared yet another useless script file.
  • Fixed on join announcement for champions. It stopped displaying that. (Thanks to Kumar for reporting it)
  • Fixed UV title bug where a restriction would be set without any valid reasons. (thanks to Maven for reporting it)
  • Fixed 3StagesOfHell 1on1Lv3 bug.
  • Fixed match description colors for Electric Ropes & No Holds Barred.
  • Modified odds for slam into ambulance move.
  • Fixed closing ambulance doors move in ambulance match.
  • Added DeathMatch to !help trigger.
  • Fixed Deathmatch barbed wire explosive board move.
  • Fixed deathmatch odds and colors.
  • Fixed Last Man standing odds.

Merged on 16 May 2020 09:44:17:
Patch v5.9.161 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Added Money System. Earn different sums of money while matching. Each match type and match scenario will bring a different cash prize.
  • Fixed title histories glitch.
  • Added Market Zone script. This is for spending cash.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed Deathmatch explosive board move. It would not display an error message when you'd try the move and your opponent wasn't down. it would just state the move does not exist.
  • Moved Deathatmch explosive board code into the actual match_deatmatch file. (tidying up the code).
  • Fixed color code errors for interferences and ref being knocked down.
  • Lowered the champion advantage for all belts a bit.
  • Added special upload file for champs file.
  • Fixed update glitch where it wouldn't upload the right files to the site.
  • Added some real-time updating and uploading refbot generated data.
  • Added !wotmupdate / !rosterupdate / !alumniupdate to easy data flow when a full update is not needed. Amazon charges for extra data so I'm trying to be careful.
  • Fixed Show/IPPV points for LightTube match. It wouldn't add any upon finishing the match.
  • Fixed bug where title prestige would glitch on BattleRoyal match type. Thus not ending the match.
  • Modified prestige values on the belts.
  • Added cash prizes for each match category.
  • Fixed duplicate truepin identifier that was conflicting into the moves script.
  • Removed negative balance for cash in bank account.
  • Restricted !readwotm for PM usage.
  • Re-added the old characters on the !stable script.

Merged on 18 May 2020 15:01:04:
Patch v5.9.172 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Added all match types to the !help trigger.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed ElimChamber titles glitch error where it wouldn't let you set the elim chamber match cause it would say you picked the same titles when that was not the case.
  • Fixed Some elim chamber color codes end errors.
  • Fixed minor color code error on interference script.
  • Fixed typo on help text for Ambulance match. (thanks Maven)
  • Fixed a bunch of typos and bugs in the strap match.
  • Modified the odds a bit for the strap match, making it more competitive.
  • Added new move to Strap match - /me whips opponent with the leather strap.
  • Added all match types to the !help trigger.
  • Updated all the moves list for the !help trigger and uploaded them to the website.
  • Check all !help script for typos.
  • Added restriction of submission moves in inferno matches. (Thanks to Josh for bug report)

Merged on 20 May 2020 01:21:56:
Patch v5.9.2+ added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Added Rename script for stables. Use !Stable Rename to rename your stable. It will cost $3000 (prices might change so please verify marketzone before purchasing anything).
  • Added HealMe item buy.
  • Added special messages for !Healme, when you don't, have healme cards and heal yourself with points.
  • Added Steroids item buy.
  • Added steroids to all matches available.
  • Added !inventory trigger.
  • Added !Activate trigger for special perks.
  • Created !inventory trigger to display the items that you buy from the market zone.
  • Added "Former name" in !infostable section.
  • Added cash payment for leaving the stable.
  • Added cash payment for creating a stable.
  • Fixed Elim Chamber match ending. The match would bug because WOTM would glitch on 6man Tag.
  • Fixed Battle Royal / Elimination Chamber ending glitch where the matches wouldn't stop because of a title prestige glitch.
  • Fixed Royal Rumble match ending glitch.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed the Shooting Star Press move. The bot wouldn't recognize it.
  • Modified stable name max characters from 25 to 20 max characters.
  • Fixed error on stables rename script where it wouldn't write in the variables file for TagTeam if the stable that's being renamed are actually Tag Team Champions.
  • Finished market zone items, prices and added two new adv items (Finisher+ & submission+). Prices & info can be found @ https://i-tna.net/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=5111
  • Added !addmoney and !delmoney for administrative purposes.
  • Added security announcements from administrative triggers that would notice us directly into the $console channel. (Extra security)
  • Changed some typos in the !info trigger.
  • Removed !buymask as you can buy a mask with the market zone trigger "!buy".
  • Fixed color error codes on card status for iPPV.
  • Added gender information in !info trigger.
  • Fixed glitch where divisions and titles in reach would not update anymore.
  • Fixed glitch where you could whip into the ropes outside the ring in a NHB match. (Thanks to Josh for this bug report)
  • Added var where you will get thrown into the ring automatically for a pin if you're outside in a NHB match.
  • Fixed strap match color code glitch.
  • Fixed glitch in steroids matchup start where steroids would still be applied even if you didn't have it.

Merged on 21 May 2020 01:08:34:
Patch v5.9.28 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Added interference penalty. It will cost you 10 points to interfere in a match from now on.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed auto-ID glitch for the millionth time.
  • Fixed division not updating properly.
  • Fixed rank update.
  • Added stable rename text to the !stable options.
  • Restricted setting yourself as ally or enemy.
  • Added champ advantage to NHB, DeathMatch all variations of Ladder and Cage tag team matches. They all had that missing.
  • Fixed Ally/Enemy bioadd glitch. (Thanks to Maven for reporting it)

Merged on 22 May 2020 20:17:16:
Patch v5.9.49 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed major glitch on tag team titles stable win. When a stable would win, if their opponents were single competitors, the match would glitch on ending.
  • Added Extra-Taunt to Market Zone.
  • Added Distract to the Market Zone.
  • Fixed glitch where you could add your opponent as an enemy and interfere in your own match against your enemy.
  • Restricted the move /whip in Royal Rumble and Battle Royal matches due to abuse. (Thanks to Ternion once again, due to their toxicity, we find flaws)

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Added Player 5 to Player 10 to Champion advantage script.
  • Fixed a !bottime & !time glitch and color code.
  • Added Player3 distract timer pause for Prison match. When the match would be paused, Player3 would still be able to rand distract players in the No way out prison.
  • Fixed prison match ending and some timer glitches.
  • Added an extra line of info into the Prison help item.
  • Fixed some typos from the Prison match.
  • Added Interference+ to marketzone.
  • Modified the entire match start settings. Found a better method of adding match start variables in one shot through one file without having to modify entire files of scripts and adding extra code.
  • Cleaned match start files of junk code.
  • Added restriction for steroid hp boost if user already has champ advantage boost.
  • Changed a few color codes for the Royal Rumble match (thanks to Maven for the suggestion).
  • Fixed color code error in Heal me message.
  • Fixed major injury glitch where players could get a free healme. this was due to an error in the inventory file, not having the right data.
  • Fixed RRDRAW duplicate loop between Royal Rumble match and Battle Royal match types.
  • Added fix for HP advantage on Tag Team titles. If one of the tag champs would buy steroids, they wouldn't get the boost alongside the champ advantage.
  • Made it so that when you don't use an extra-taunt, even if you activated it, you will not lose it and you'll be able to use it in your next match.

Merged on 24 May 2020 13:52:52:
Patch v5.9.70 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
Fixed glitch in the Extra-Taunt script. People couldn't properly activate the perk.
Fixed "prev rank" item on the Top5 auto-generated file.
Fixed logo code and typos for the Top5 auto-generated file.
Completely wrote scripts for auto-generating WOTM Top and Quick Top 10 website panels.
Re-Wrote auto-generated file for Number One Wrestler panel.
Re-Wrote auto-generated file for Number One Stable panel.
Added DirtyPin to market!
Added dirty pin move for the dirty pin
Added Finisher+ & Submission+ to market and code.
Reinstated !renameuser trigger and added it to the money system.
Added the MillionDollarBelt item to the market!

Minor Additions/Fixes:
Added all matches to injured odds.
Modified injure odds slightly.
Modified card status color to fit the RIOT and iPPV colors.
Fixed glitch where when you'd do !Infostable and the stable wouldn't have XGames added to it's bio, it wouldn't show the Title Palmares.
Fixed glitch where if you'd activate steroids but you're tag team champ, even if you're not defending, the perk wouldn't apply.
Fixed small rumble greet color glitch.
Fixed some bugs in the rankings system.
Added TheRumble title to title histories.
Added users-inventory file to rename script.
fixed Extra-Signature-TM bug, it wouldn't work to set up.

Merged on 26 May 2020 21:37:53:
Patch v5.9.75 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
Added !federation trigger where it displays basic info and stats about iTNA and Refbot.
Re-Wrote iTNA lottery system and reinstated it into the bot. You can now buy a lottery ticket weekly and win a pot size.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
Fixed welcome message for The Rumble winner.
Fixed !buy glitch where it would say the wrong item was picked even if you select an item from the provided list.
Modified the spacing and wording in the !marketzone trigger.

Merged on 29 May 2020 01:09:27:
Patch v5.9.88 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
Added whip ref option to Gauntlet Series matches.
Restricted *whip ref* move to 5 per turn.
Added one *whip ref* move per turn in the Pure match types.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
Fixed infolottery color glitches.
Modified infolottery layout and spacing.
Modified !buy item for LotteryTicket.
Added Kings of Trios and X-Games trophies in the !trophy trigger.
Removed Million Dollar belt from trophies and added it to the !titles trigger.
Fixed glitch where bot wouldn't log your next move after slipping out of a submission.
Fixed a recurring glitch where the bot would as for OP_VOICE alias and it wouldn't find it.
Fixed a number one player panel bug. Re-arranged the flag to appear on top of the #1 player pic.
Added html code for Number one player panel to direct to his profile page.
Fixed html error for Top10 and WOTM Top10 mini panels. Profile links were being generated with the wrong link. (Thanks to H}{H for reporting this)
Re-Wrote Stable number one panel.
Modified prices in the marketzone.
Modified cash dec when losing show/ippv matches.
Added custom Health display for Battle Royal match type. From now it won't display Submission health anymore as it doesn't matter in a battle royal match.
Removed dublicate item on !federation trigger.

Merged on 29 May 2020 21:03:44:
Patch v5.9.92 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
Added champion disadvantage on CITV cash in. As long as the challenger is the holder of the CITV Briefcase, the champion will start with an HP disadvantage and no champ advantage. NOTE: You cannot use any advantage perks if you're the CITV contract holder, it will cancel the champ disadvantage!
Restricted Striking/Small and Medium moves in the Royal Rumble match. This keeps players from fucking around till a new player enters the ring by doing small moves
Added !forbes command that would display top10 richest users.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
Fixed baseball slide and moonsault to the outside in Cell Match type. (Thanks to H}{H for this bug report)
Edited by Sherby on 29.05.2020
Patch v6.0.40 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Wrote an auto-generated code for a html file that will get updated after each lottery draw with all the information on the last lottery draw.
  • Changed money loss percent once again. It was lowered.
  • Changed prices on Steroids and Dirty Pin. Raised Dirty Pin to 18k and lowered Steroids to 15k.
  • Lowered prices on MillionDollar belt challenge and purchase. Challenge will now be 100k and purchase will be 200k.
  • AI Adv is now on as Pentagon. It's vastly superior to anything we had before.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Modified/Fixed some color schemes for a bunch of game messages.
  • Fixed colors and messages layouts in the Ultimate X matchup.
  • Fixed damage odds for whip move in the Ultimate X. It would only do 1hp damage for whip into the steel.
  • Fixed the Ultimate X match where only one person could climb it.
  • Fixed dangling opponent spear, you can only spear from the structure when the opponent grabs the object that's dangling.
  • Fixed issue when match_stop would not finish properly. Added match_reports to the end of the variable.
  • Added proper link to the !Infolottery trigger.
  • Added small comma to !federation trigger, also removed an extra segmentation line from the last code line.
  • Removed duplicate pin restriction message for Royal Rumble match.
  • Removed duplicate pin restriction message for KO match.
  • Added extra info the pin restriction messages for each match type.
  • Removed extra code for TripleCage match type which is redundant.
  • Removed duplicate sub restriction message for Electric Ropes match.
  • Modified sub restriction message for DeathMatch giving some extra info.
  • Added extra info the sub restriction messages for each match type.
  • Added new color scheme to Pole Match type.
  • Fixed the Item on the Pole match type moves, like steal, grab and pull off turnbuckle. The entire match was bugged.
  • Added restriction to pin for Pole match type. (thanks to paramore for this bug find).
  • Modified the bot to set modes and give status in one line, less code is better.
  • Added pin restriction to pole match type.
  • Fixed moves for pole match, some wouldn't work.
  • Added submission match help to the !help trigger.
  • Updated iPPV list link on the !iPPVs trigger.
  • Updated iPPV lists for !ippvs and !upcomingippv triggers.
  • Update links in the !Moves trigger.
  • Added !tournament trigger to display past and active iTNA Tournaments. Moved some items from trophies to tournaments. Added extra info on each trigger for !titles, !trophies & !tournaments.
  • Added !retiredtitles trigger to display inactive iTNA titles.
  • Raised the antiflood timer for !titles, !tournaments, !trophies and !retiredtitles triggers.
  • Renamed !iPPVList to !iPPVs.
  • Modified the bot to set modes and give status in one line upon !pause, !resume & !stop, less code is better.
  • Bot now voices the players back after a pause was set and they resume the match.
  • Modified the color scheme for the Boiler Room match type."
  • Modified damage was done for whipping in a boiler room match (steel pipes or concrete wall will do the same damage but higher than before).
  • Added a third object to be whipped randomly in a boiler room. (Boiler Room steel door).
  • Restricted weapons until 90hp for Boiler Room match type.
  • Modified help for Pure match type.
  • Added weapon use restriction for Pure match type.
  • Added illegal move disqualification for Pure match type.
  • Added extra illegal moves: Asian Mist, Eye Poke, Bite, Breast Attack, Shattered Dreams & Vaginal Claw.
  • Added Mild and Serious HealMe-Cards. Each of their own type of injury!
  • Added Million Dollar shot to the !Inventory trigger.
  • Fixed bug where you could use submissions in Tuxedo and B&P match types. (thanks to inVictus for this bug find)
  • Edited palmares to Palmar├Ęs. (eye roll @ Tamjuk)
  • Fixed a typo in the announcer's table message.
Patch v6.0.44 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Added BoileRoom match to the AutoBot.
  • Added Table match to the AutoBot.
  • Added KO match to the AutoBot.
  • Added IronMan match to the AutoBot.
  • Added Pure match to the AutoBot.
  • Added FirstBlood match to the AutoBot.
  • Added StreetFight match to the AutoBot.
  • Added BarbedWire match to the AutoBot.
  • Added LightTube match to the AutoBot.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed whip and drag face in LightTube match type.
  • Restricted weapons until 70hp in LightTube match type, you will first need to inflict damage with lighttubes.
  • Added extra help for LightTube matchup on !help trigger.
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