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|| Old cards archive ||
iTNA's post/active show/brands along the history are the following:!OT.png
iTNA R!OT (First AIRED show on 28th April 2020):
Former GM's: N/A
This is iTNA's sole weekly TV Show.


iTNA Anarchy (First AIRED show on 30th September '08):
Former GM's: edge, Sherby, Ice, Tamjuk, H0LLYWOOD, CharltonJ, Mankind.
The show has been pulled off the air.

Episode 01: (Identity X reveals himself as The Radical)
Episode 02: (Ludamang becomes iTNA HeavyWeight Champion)
Episode 03: (Ginger vs Fatass, Clash of the Year)
Episode 04: (The Infamous World HeavyWeight Tournament)
Episode 05: (Legend vs Legend Killer)
Episode 06: (Legend Killer Carnage)
Episode 07: (Traitorous Rumble)
Episode 08: (Qualifing for King of the Mountain...)
Episode 09: (Battle of the Masks)
Episode 10: (Battle of the Masks #2)
Episode 11: (Diva Invasion, a new championship.. a new hope.)
Episode 12: (Fatal injuries)
Episode 13: (Battle Royal for the Vacant United States title.)
Episode 14: (Clash of the pervs and #1 contendership.)
Episode 15: (World X Cup Tournament)
Episode 16: (Final Round of the World X Cup Tournament)
Episode 17: (Jason Voorhees prevails...)
Episode 18: (Owner inaction)
Episode 19: (Turning Point coming.. last change to turn around)
Episode 20: (Storm takes action)
Episode 21: (H0LLYWOOD is back!)
Episode 22: (Triple blackout)
Episode 23: (Queen Ino invites us to "Simply Ino")
Episode 24: (Edge goes to Against all Odds!)
Episode 25: (Jeff Hardy appears and will reveal his kidnapper)
Episode 26: (Anarchy goes retarded free)
Episode 27: (D-Generation X makes a statement)
Episode 28: (Cemetery business)
Episode 29: (Say hello to Wankass!�)
Episode 30: (Terrorist lose the battle)
Episode 31: ("To catch a whale predator")
Episode 32: (Champ vs Champ)
Episode 33: (Noob pwns legend)
Episode 34: (Fallen Angel defeats the All Greek American)
Episode 35: (Intercontinental Challenge)
iTNA X-Wars (First show on 22nd October 2012):
Former GM's: edge, Sherby & Ice.
The show has been pulled off the air.

: TBA :
iTNA Havoc (First AIRED show on 23th February '09):
Former GM's: Edge, Sherby, Ice, chemical.
The show has been pulled off the air.

Episode 01: (The start of a legacy...)
Episode 02: (Fall of the Titans)
Episode 03: (Pwners pwning eachother)
Episode 04: (Sub Zero regains pride)
Episode 05: (Sherby buries his tag partner)
Episode 06: (The Victory Road)
Episode 07: (War of the Towels)
Episode 08: (First Round of World X Cup tournament)
Episode 09: (Second Round of World X Cup tournament)
Episode 10: (nWo Invasion)
Episode 11: (#1 contendership on the line)
Episode 12: (Another victim of the legend killer)
Episode 13: (Jewser's smell)
Episode 14: (Wolf gone mad...)
Episode 15: (The brand separation and Edge's return)
Episode 16: (Edge's frustration)
Episode 17: (The Main Event Farts inaction)
Episode 18: (Queen Ino captures his first World title)
Episode 19: (Malaysian Victory)
Episode 20: (Attack of the gingers)
Episode 21: (The Iconic Heart Breaker)
Episode 22: (LockDown Qualifications)
Episode 23: (LuX 'N' TuX Connection appreciation)
Episode 24: (TuXic Main Event)
Episode 25: (The Poison Ivy failure)
Episode 26: (TBP vs LAX)
Episode 27: (The Masked Misteries)
Episode 28: (Missing person!?)
iTNA Xplosion (First AIRED show on 27th September '08):
Former GM's: Sherby & Edge.
The show has been pulled off the air.

Episode 01: (The nWo Empire)
Episode 02: (nWo vs iTNA)
Episode 03: (Rise of a hip-hop culture)
Episode 04: (Management Fall)
Episode 05: (The Latinos Damnation)
Episode 06: (Termination...)
iTNA Mayhem (First show on 12th January '08):
Former GM's: SubZero
The show has been pulled off air.

: There are no traces of Mayhem archives :
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