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iTNA Anarchy Results for September 10 2009
iTNA Anarchy 10/09/2009
From Quebec, Canada
Announcers: Ric_Flair and Shaggy


- iTNA Anarchy theme song hit the arena as we switch on the announcer's table.

* Announcer Table Segment *

Shaggy: Welcome, ladies and gent to another edition of iTNA Anarchy!

Ric_Flair: Tonight, Jericho goes 1on1 with Daniel MI for the #1 contendership for the iTNA HeavyWeight Championship at Lockdown PPV!

Shaggy: If Jericho wins, this will be his first PPV Main event since he joined!

Ric_Flair: Indeed, we are all fired up.

Shaggy: Don't say you are fired up and dont give me that look Ric

Ric_Flair: Whaaaat?

Shaggy: You are scaring me... :-S

* End of Announcer Table Segment *

Hardcore X 1on1 Opening Show Matchup
Suicide def. Vegeta
Match Rating: **

* Backstage Segment *

- Keiji Mutoh is backstage talking to Jericho.

Keiji Mutoh: Prease Jerwicho, prease help me in my match tonighta, me very very scared gonna lose againa. Me dont want that.

Jericho: Go away you freak. You're not worthy of talking to me! I'm a future iTNA HeavyWeight Champion, so please!

Keiji Mutoh: Prease Jericho... we japanese have small penis... mine is particulary small... u american have big, big penis.

Jericho: *Looks down at his penis*, well.. i guess it's a pretty good size... :)

Keiji Mutoh: Yes, we japanese people cannot achieve much with such small... small penis.. but you americans.... BIG PENIS.. GIGANTUS PENIS...

Jericho: Ok fella' i might help you out, see ya :).

Keiji Mutoh: Thank you Jerwicho-san! Thank you.

- Keiji Mutoh sees Queen Ino.

Keiji Mutoh: Queer! my Queer! wait fo me, me want kiss!

- Queen Ino runs away.

* End of Backstage Segment *

Knock Out 1on1 Matchup
Kratos def. Keiji Mutoh
Match Rating: **

Hardcore 1on1 Non-Title Matchup
WilloW def. Chris Daniels (c)
Match Rating: **

* Backstage Segment *

- Daniel MI is backstage talking to DX007.

DX007: Daniel, think about you match tonight! You could become 1 more time iTNA HeavyWeight Champion if you beat Jericho and become #1 contender! Think about it man.

Daniel_MI: YES! And i WILL beat Jericho tonight.

DX007: Yeah and not only that, Allah will give you a reward :>

Daniel_MI: What reward? :o

DX007: 99 Virgins!

Daniel_MI: Werent they 75 virgins? and i think only suicide bombers recieve the virgins from Allah.

DX007: i think it was 73 virgins.

Daniel_MI: 99... 73... 75.. I AM NOT A SUICIDE BOMBER!

DX007: But you could be! Think about all the virgins you get :>

- Shawn Michaels passes by.

Shawn Michaels: What are you cocopuffs talking about here?

Daniel_MI: Well.. DX here was telling me Allah would give me 75 virgins if i win my match tonight.

Shawn Michaels: Nigga plz, that only happens to suicide bombers, and even if you were a suicide bomber, dont you think Allah ran out of virgins? from all the suicide bombing that happend this year?

- Shawn Michaels leaves as Daniel MI and DX007 remain in doubt about the virgins.

* End of Backstage Segment *

Barbed Wire 1on1 Non-Title Matchup
Jeff Hardy (c) def. Shaun Swagger
Match Rating: **

Regular 1on1 Non-Title Matchup
{RKO} (c) def. Lynx
Match Rating: ****

* Special Segment *

- A video is aired on the titantron with ep #2 of Wankass! featuring D-Generation X members.

Fowler5: Aaaand, ACTION!

CharltonJ: Hello everyone, my name is Charlton J and this is "One jar, one faggot"

- Charlton J bends over as Ric Flair takes a jar and sticks it up CJ's asshole.

Ric Flair: Ok! Now push!

- As Charlton J tries to shoot the jar into the wall with his asshole;, accidentaly the jar breaks in CJ's asshole.

CharltonJ: FUCCCCCCCCK!!!!!!

- Video fades as an Ambulance picks CharltonJ and takes him to the hospital while the other DX members laugh like mafoons.

* End of Special Segment *

SEMI Main-Event
Tables TagTeam Matchup for the iTNA TagTeam Championships


LuX 'N' TuX Connection def. The Beautiful People (Jason_Voorhees & Queen_Ino) (c)
Match Rating: *****
[New Champions]

Regular 1on1 Matchup for the #1 contendership for the iTNA HeavyWeight Championship
Jericho def. Daniel MI
Match Rating: ***
[New #1 Contender]

- Show goes off air with Daniel being disapointed that he didnt get the title shot and the 75 virgins.
Edited by Insidious on 21.09.2009
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