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iTNA Havoc Results 9/12/09
iTNA Havoc Results 9/12/09
From St. Pete Times FORUM in Tampa Bay, Florida, United States
Announcers: Mike and NEBAR


“Sick Puppies - You're Going Down” hits as the opening montage plays welcoming everyone to another exciting edition of iTNA Havoc! Mike then adds that for our main event, Charlton J will get his rematch to compete against Queen Ino for the X-Division Championship. NEBAR adds that also later on tonight, Jason Voorhees will take on Sarah NG and Shawn Michaels will take on TuX in the LockDown Qualifying Matches. The winners of both match will go in the 3-way Main Event for the World title at LockDown.

Sarah NG comes to the ring to start off this week’s show. Sarah says that she feels a bit naked without the title belt over her shoulder. She says that nobody wants to see Sarah naked so she is going to do her best to get the iTNA World title back on her shoulder. The crowd chants "We want Sarah's Naked". She smiles. Sarah says that there is so much more at stake because as the iTNA World Title goes, there goes iTNA. Sarah says that if Ivy holds on to the title, Havoc goes one way. Sarah says that if she wins the title back, it goes another way. Sarah says that she has a few favors for WilloW. She wants WilloW to meet her in the ring.

WilloW comes out and Sarah appreciates him coming to the ring. Sarah says that she was a bit hurt by the comments of the Beautiful People after she lost the title. Sarah says that she knew that they were playing with her mind. Last week, she got a new signal by being ignored for a rematch live on Havoc. Sarah says that when Ivy defeated her for the title, she did not give up mentally but her body did and the referee called for the bell after the 10 counts. Sarah tells WilloW not to take it away from her.

WilloW says that he runs with TBP because of what they believe in and he says that Sarah shares some of their values. WilloW says that you have to do what you have to do to survive in the business. WilloW says that is why they are angry at the ugly punks. Punks like, TuX, LuX, HBK and CJ. They are Ugly and are paid more than they deserve. He talks about how they won’t wrestle if they have a boo boo. WilloW reminds Sarah that they wrestled hurt. WilloW says Sarah need to win the Qualifying Match tonight. WilloW says he is doing this for the Havoc crowd.

ShawnMichaels’ music plays and he comes out. Shawn asks WilloW if he heard him right that he was doing it for the Havoc crowd. Shawn says that it is a bunch of bull. Shawn tells WilloW that TBP stands for deceit. Shawn says that a lot will be settled tonight. We will find out who will face Ivy for the iTNA World title at LockDown. Shawn says that he has an agenda. He will take Ivy and her handler up one side of the iTNA Arena and down the other. Shawn asks Sarah for a big favor tonight. He wants Sarah to defeated Jason Voorhees tonight in the Qualifying Match.

Sarah starts to talk, but WilloW stops her. WilloW tells Shawn that Sarah says yes. WilloW says that there will be one small tweak. The match will be Sarah vs. ShawnMichaels and Jason Voorhees will face TuX in the Qualifying Matches. Shawn says WilloW is lucky to be GM or else he would of beat the crap out of him. WilloW responsed Be Jealous! and he taunted Shawn.


Match One: Suicide def. MattHardy via forfeit.
Match Rating: ---


Match Two: The Beautiful People defeated LuX 'N' TuX Connection.

After the match, TBP fight with the LuX and TuX Connection and then Jason Voorhees and Ivy attack LuX and TuX. Jason holds TuX to allow Jeff Hardy to hit a Whisper In The Wind from the turnbuckles. Now LuX gets punched and Ivy with a Fatal Kiss to LuX.

TBP leaves the ring without Jason. LuX is down outside the ring. TuX is down in the middle of the ring. Jason is ready for his match with the poor TuX in the LockDown Qualifying Match.

Match Rating: ***


Match Three: TuX defeated Jason Voorhees in the LockDown Qualifying Match.

TuX shocked the world once again when he defeated Jason Voorhees with the help of his brother LuX. TuX is going to LockDown!

At the end of the match, Jason is out of control. He attacks both LuX and TuX. Security comes to the ring and they have night sticks. Jason decides to leave the ring before hurting anyone else.

Match Rating: *** 1/2


Match Four: Shawn Michaels defeated Sarah NG in the LockDown Qualifying Match.

After the match, Shawn Michaels and Sarah NG shakes hands and hugs. Shawn Michaels is going to LockDown!

Match Rating: *** 1/2


Match Five: LuX defeated Ivy.

LuX is really hurt and Ivy knows it. She attacks LuX and humiliated him. But out of nowhere, LuX hits a Smallpackage for the 3 counts.

After the match, Ivy can't believe it and she hits a Fatal Kiss on LuX. Queen Ino comes to the ring and she has a bag for LuX. The bag goes on LuX’s head but Charlton’s music plays and he is joined by ShawnMichaels to make the safe.

Match Rating: ***


Match Six: H0LLYWOOD© def. Greek316 via forfeit. H0LLYWOOD retain the United States Championship.
Match Rating: ---


Match Seven: Queen Ino© def Charlton J. Queen Ino retain the X-Division Championship.

We see Queen Ino attacking Charlton J in the back as she throws Charlton into everything in the back.

Queen Ino with a kick that sends Charlton down the ramp inside the iTNA Arena. Ino with a clothesline to Charlton and then Ino throws Charlton into the ring. WilloW's music hits and he comes out with a referee shirt. He enters the ring and the match officially starts.

After the "match", Ino with a Mind Transfer Jutsu followed by punches to Charlton’s head. WilloW and Queen Ino taunted Charlton J and the show goes of the air.

Match Rating: ****
Edited by edge on 14.09.2009
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