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iTNA Havoc Results 9/9/09
iTNA Havoc Results 9/9/09
From Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Announcers: Mike and NEBAR


The opening video package plays and fireworks go off as Mike and NEBAR introduces everyone to another exciting edition of iTNA Havoc. The announcers hype Ivy vs. Shawn Michaels as match that will take place later on in the night. Plus, in other action, Queen Ino will face Charlton J for the X-Division championship! A video then airs replaying the vicious Last Women Standing match between Ivy and Sarah NG at Unbrekable.

Angeleyez then introduces the General Manager of Havoc, The Iconic Heartbreaker, WilloW!

WilloW’s music hits and out comes the General Manager with the World title to a loud chorus of “boo.” WilloW grabs a microphone, climbs into the ring, microphone in hand, World title on his shoulder and prepares to speak.

"I told you so," WilloW said in a mocking tone. "I told you all that I would shock the world at Unbreakable, and in case you are all too D-Generated to remember, let me show you how I did it." Highlights aired of the PPV. Queen Ino’s retaining her X-Division and Tag Team titles against DX. Ivy making her return to the ring and won the World title. WilloW called the Last Women Standing matchup the most brutal match he ever saw. WilloW said "I haven't seen a performance like that since mine in '92. Dallas Stadium. 80 man battle royal. Gauntlet. Yeah. 16 ring. Went down, it was me and the Von Erichs, there was 8 of them in the ring. I had the Claw on all 7 of them." The fans booed. WilloW said it was time to present the World title to the newest member of Havoc and TBP, Ivy!

Ivy's music played and she walked out to a big amount of heat. She grimaced as she climbed the steps to enter the ring. WilloW presented the World title to Ivy, gave her a microphone and left the ring. Ivy said that the crowd should soak it up because this is the last you will see of someone else with the World title on Havoc. She said no more Widow's peak, no more stupid Samoan Spike, and no more D-Generation X. She said that they aren’t beautiful enough like her and she called the crowd ugly. She said that they have a champion to be proud of, a beautiful world champ. She said she will clean the world one ugly people at a time with TBP.

She put over her match with ShawnMichaels and she said he is no longer an icon on Havoc. She said she is the only one that matters now, she took the belt from Sarah NG and she challenged ShawnMichaels to come out and face her. She said it wasn’t the best interest for ShawnMichaels to come out and face her. The crowd chanted “We want HBK.” She kept ripping the crowd about their ugliness. She talked about how she will use the Fatal Kiss on ShawnMichaels and HBK interrupted Ivy. ShawnMichaels tackled Ivy and both i-wrestlers brawled in the ring. The referees broke both of them up.


Match One: LuX defeated Suicide.
Match Rating: * 1/2


Match Two: Greek316 defeated H0LLYWOOD© to become the #1 Contender to the United-States Championship.

General Manager WilloW is shown on the titantron. WilloW said if Greek316 wins his match against H0LLYWOOD tonight. Next week on Havoc, he will face H0LLYWOOD once again, but, this time it will be for the United-States Championship.

Match Rating: *** 1/2


Match Three: TuX defeated Jason Voorhees.

TuX shocked the world when he defeated former 8 times iTNA champion, Jason Voorhees. At the end of the match, Jason Voorhees promised payback for next week, a Beautiful payback.

Match Rating: ** 1/2


Match Four: Sarah NG defeated Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy wasn’t good enough to defeat former World champ, Sarah NG. At the end of the match, Sarah NG took the microphone and she asked WilloW to bring his good looking ass out here. WilloW appears on the titantron. Sarah NG said she wanted a rematch for the World title. WilloW said if Sarah NG wanted a rematch for the World title, she needed to win the Qualification matchup next week on Havoc for a shot at the World title at LockDown.

Match Rating: **


Match Five: Ivy© defeated Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels was unable to be victorious in his match against the reigning World Champion. At the end of the match, Queen Ino made her appearance. Ivy and Queen Ino taunted HBK and were ready to out the ‘ugly bag’ on Shawn’s head. Charlton J made the safe before they were able to do it.

Match Rating: *** 1/2


Match Six: Charlton J defeated Queen Ino© via Disqualification. Queen Ino’s retain the X-Division Championship.

Charlton J was on his way to become X-Division champion once again. But his dreams were crushed by Queen Ino when she used a steel chair to get herself disqualified. Charlton J couldn’t believe it and asked the referee to restart the match. Unfortunately, the referee couldn’t restart the match and Queen Ino left the ring with her title and a huge smile on her face.

Match Rating: ****


Match Seven: The Beautiful People© def TuX and Scott the Dick. TBP retains the Tag team Championships.

At the end of the match, Queen Ino and Jason Voorhees taunted TuX and Scott the Dick.

Match Rating: ****
Edited by edge on 11.09.2009
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