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iTNA Havoc Results for Jul 11 2009
[iTNA Havoc: 11 Jul 2009]


* Havoc Theme Song hits the arena *

- Edge is backstage looking angry.

- {RKO} comes looking for a word with Edge.

{RKO}: Hey Edge!

Edge: WHAT, Do you want?

{RKO}: Whoa man, i just wanna tell you that we have a match tonight.

Edge: I don't care! <censor> off

{RKO}: Hey, dont talk like that to me buddy!

- Edge grabs {RKO} by the head and exectues the DDT.

- Edge leaves the area very angry.

Hardcore 1on1 Opening Show Matchup
Sherby def. rOadDoGG
Interference: Triple H

* Backstage Segment *

- After the match Sherby and Triple H meet in the backstage

Triple H: Sherby! I want you to know that this doesnt change anything between us. I will not forgive you for interfering in my match against Matt Hardy but i had to pay you back the help you gaved me to win the X Division Championship. So there, no we are even and i bid you to watch your back, because i wont be so friendly from now on!

- Sherby laughs loudly.

Sherby: Do you actually think i give a shit?

- Sherby laughs some more

Triple H: Well... *Looks back*, *Looks forth*, you should man ... *Smiles*

- Sherby turns his back

- Triple H grabs Sherby and nails the jack hammer on Sherby leaving him knocked out.

* End of backstage segment *

Hardcore X 1on1 Matchup
Lynx def. CT

Regular TagTeam Elimination Matchup for the iTNA TagTeam Championships


Lynx & Daniel MI (c) def. Matt Hardy & Sherby
[Titles Retained]

* Backstage segment *

- Backstage, Matt Hardy, Queen Ino and Shadow Storm are chatting about the main event tonight.

Matt Hardy: So who you guys think is gonna win tonight?

Shadow Storm: I guess we will have to wait and see.

Queen Ino: I don't care, i'll just do my match tonight and then challenge the winner for the United States Championship.

Shadows Storm: Oh man please!

Matt Hardy: Pfff.. Queen Ino.. The only thing you can challenge is for a double size big mac from mcdonalds.

Queen Ino: Keep joking, but you'll see.

- Edge comes from behind with a sledgehammer and attacks all three wrestlers taking them by surprise.

- Edge injures all of them and leaves them knocked down leaving before the security and paramedics arrive.

- Three matches are cancelled due to Edge's attacks on the wrestlers

Regular 1on1 Diva Matchup
Kitty [iDoll] def. Queen Ino via forfeit

Regular 1on1 Matchup
Jewser def. Matt Hardy via forfeit

Hardcore 1on1 Matchup
Sarah Ng def. Shadow Storm via forfeit

- The Match between Triple H and Storm is announced

- Storm comes down to the ring

Storm: Finally! Finally my level of greatness is apreciated and i get a decent match here in iTNA. Finally the X Division Champion is gonna face me! The most talented cruserweight champion of all times. Finally i get what i want.

- Storm drops the mic while Triple H theme song hits the arena.

Regular 1on1 Non-Title Matchup
Storm def. Triple H (c)

- At the end of the match Storm brutalizes his opponent with a chair and makes him bleed

- Storm leaves the ring and Triple H in a pile of blood.

- A video is aired with last week's incident involving Daniel MI and Batista, when in Batista's match against {RKO}, Daniel_MI interfered in the favour of {RKO} making Batista lose his match.

- Batista comes down to the ring.

Batista: Daniel MI... i told you i will make you pay, and you laughed in my face, now.. it is time!

- Daniel Mi's theme song hits the arena

Regular 1on1 Non-Title Matchup
Batista def. Daniel MI

- Mankind's theme song blares over the sound system of the arena.

Mankind: Hello Everyone! Missed me?

- Crowd boos

Mankind: Yeah! *Smiles and aproves*, anyway i am here to announce that tonight we will have a mini tournament to decide the #1 contedership for Daniel Mi's championship. The first match will be beween {RKO} and Edge and the second match will be between Salakin and Jason Voorhees. The winners of these too matches will square off next week on Anarchy for the #1 contendership on the iTNA World HeavyWeight Championship.

- Mankind leaves the ring and goes back to his office.

- First match is announced.

- {RKO} comes to the ring

- Edge's theme song hits the arena but he is no where to be seen.

- The titantron goes on as a camera man goes to Mankind's office, catching Edge attacking Mankind and busting him open making Mankind bleed and pass out.

- Match is announced as a forfeit.

Regular 1on1 Matchup
(Mini-Tour[1] for #1 contendership on iTNA World HeavyWeight title)
{RKO} def. Edge via forfeit

Regular 1on1 Matchup
(Mini-Tour[2] for #1 contendership on iTNA World HeavyWeight title)
Salakin def. Jason Voorhees

- After the last Mini-Tour Matchup the Main Event is announced.

- Edge interferes in the main event and attacks both participants making the match end in a no-contest.

Hardcore 1on1 Grudge Matchup for the iTNA United States Championship


Fowler5 vs Jericho
Interference: Edge
[No Contest]

- After the match Mankind comes down to the ring and announces that Edge is fired from iTNA due to his acts on tonights event.

- Edge tries to enter the ring but security interferes and escorts Edge outside the buidling.

* Show goes off air with Mankind looking stunned at the titantron *

Edited by Insidious on 18.07.2009
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