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iTNA-Ref full commands list
I am gonna present you with the full list with iTNA-Ref commands that will help you in your way in iTNA.
Important notice: The commands that have [PRIVATE] at the end of the line means that you need to /msg iTNA-Ref for that command/trigger.

[Bot Access Levels: Suspended, Wrestler, Trainer, GeneralManager, Producer, Executive.]
!register (register account) [PRIVATE]

!identify (identify to your account) [PRIVATE]

!AI (auto identify) [PRIVATE]

!changepass (change your account's password) [PRIVATE]

!version (displays the current bot version)aaaaaaaaa

!commands (will give you a link to this post)

!accounts (displays the current number of registered accounts)

!alumnus (displays the number of alumni accounts)

!seen (seen command)

!card (displays the current booked card)

!roulette (does a roulette for a random match)

!infotitle (displays information on a specified title)

!infotrophy (displays information on a specified trophy)

!clear (clears the variables)

!pay (used to pay various things, bot will give you an available options list when used)

!pollcheck (checks the current poll on the bot)

!topstar (displays the number one user)

!top3 (displays the top 3 users)

!top5 (displays the top 5 users)

!top10 (displays the top 10 users)

!healme (heals your injury at the cost of 5/10 points)

!injured (displays a list of currently injured wrestlers)

!momentum (display lists with each momentum status for every active player on the roster).

!lastmatches (displays the last 5 TV matches for the specified nick).

!forbes (displays the top10 for richest users)

!lines (displays the current number of code lines on the bot)

!titles (displays the current titles list and champions)

!Trophies (displays the current trophies list and holders)

!moves (sends you the moves list)

!popups (sends you the moves list popups)

!ping (pings you)

!join (you join a battle royal match, - If set)

!level (check someone's bot access)

!match (displays current matches list & also used to set match)

!stats (displays your stats or someone else's)

!info (displays detailed account information)

!suspended (displays a list of suspended players)

!alignments (displays a list of all alignments)

!tournaments (Displays a list of the official iTNA tourneys)

!retiredtitles (Displays a full list of all retired/inactive iTNA Championships)

!wotmleader (Displays the WOTM leader for the current month)

!bioadd (edit your website bio) [PRIVATE]

!biocheck (check your website bio infos) [PRIVATE]

!biodelete (delete your website bio infos) [PRIVATE]

!finisher set <Your Finisher> [PRIVATE]

!submission set <Your Submission> [PRIVATE]

!trademark set <Your Trademark Move> [PRIVATE]

!weapon set <Your personalised weapon> [PRIVATE]

!bottime (displays the bot time)

!rb uptime (displays the bot's uptime)

!federation (Displays various real-time information on iTNA and RefBot)

!infolottery (Displays information on the on-going lottery)

!marketzone (Displays the iTNA Market Zone)

!buy (Used to buy items from the market zone)

!activate (Used to activate items from the market zone) [PRIVATE]

!roster (Shows weblinks of Roster/Alumnus Listings)

!themesong (User sets himself a theme song) [PRIVATE]

!stable (Create, Delete(Capt), Info, Edit(Capt), Leave, Transfer(Capt), Accept, Invite(Capt), Kick(Capt), Inactive(GM), Active(GM)) Important Notice: Stable creation costs 20 points. [PRIVATE]

!interfere (Use this command if you would like to interfere during the current match. One of the match participants must be on your ally or enemy list for this to work. If both participants are your enemy or ally then the interference will not work.
Refer to !BioAdd and !BioDelete to change your enemies and allies.) [PRIVATE]

!distract (This command may be used only in Lumber Jack matches and it will distract one of the participants of the matchup.) [PRIVATE]

!breakpin (This command may be used only in Tag Team matches to break pins on your tag partner)

!AIMatch (This command will display the available match types for the AI-Bot. If you get no response for this command, then the AI Bot is offline.

!autologin (This command will force the AI Bot auto-identify.)

!points (Winner) (Loser) (By using this command, you can check the number of points someone will lose or gain if they were to do a match.)

!H (This command will display health for the current match participants.)

!readstyle (displays the number of moves you executed, that sets your wrestling style)

!resetstyle (resets your wrestling style to 0)

!infostable (displays public information and championships Palmares of a certain stable)

!part (can leave the royal rumble before the match starts)

!iPPVs (Shows the official iPPV list)

!UpcomingiPPV (Shows the upcoming iPPV.)

[Bot Access Levels: Trainer, GeneralManager, Producer, Executive.]
!editcard [PRIVATE]

!writecard [PRIVATE]

!deletecard [PRIVATE]

!helpcard [PRIVATE]

!pause (pause a match)

!resume (resume a match)

!event (topic cmd)

!nextevent (topic cmd)

!topicnews (set news in topic)

!website (topic cmd)

!BuyMask (Buys a mask for your character at the cost of 10 bot points) [PRIVATE]

!InfoDefense (Lists all the defenses on the specified belt)

!Luchadores (Lists all the masked superstars and their mask prestige).

[Bot Access Levels: GeneralManager, Producer, Executive]
!showcard [PRIVATE]

!clearcard [PRIVATE]

!deletecard [PRIVATE]

!vacate (strips someone of his championship)

!access (Modify someone's bot access)








!useradmin (Allows General Managers to set song/pictures for regular users) [PRIVATE]

!transfer (GMs can transfer accounts from Roster to Alumni listings or vice-versa)

!pollstart (!vote yes/no/ect)

!Update (Full data update to the site)

!RosterUpdate (Roster list update to the site)

!AlumniUpdate (Alumni list update to the site)

!CardUpdate (Current card update to the site)

!RumbleKick (Can kick a player out of the Royal Rumble but only if he didn't enter the match yet).

!Heal (Will Heal any specified injured user without the cost of points). <- To be used with caution by admins and only if a bug occurs or such.

[Bot Access Levels: Executive]

!addgimmick (will add a new gimmick to the official iTNA Gimmicks list)

!getpass [PRIVATE]

!syslog (wipe, play(as in read))

!purge (terminate someone's account)

!newpoll (set a poll on the bot)






[Disabled Triggers]
!delete (Disabled, replaced with !purge)
!rename (Disabled)
!top20 (Disabled)
!storyline (Disabled)
!division (Disabled)
!reset (Disabled)
!mircstats (Disabled)
!updated (Disabled)
!Rosterupdated (Disabled)
!draft (Disabled)
!user (replaced with !access)
!mircstats (disabled)
!readwotm (disabled)
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Congrats to the 10 man Gauntlet Series winner, The Fiend. He will face vichu for the ITNA Championship, next week!

Ok TaylorSlack, chill

Kumar still sucks

you have no fans

ignore below comments my fans

I agree

Kumar sucks.

We have a brand new Champions panel!

yes iTNA universe ignore below comments

epic return

Don't need it anymore

...delete my znc guys

26.06.2020 yes The best there is and the best there never will be

Kumar who.. huh?

Reminder: kumar lost. Ha. Ha. Ha.

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