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iTNA List of Bound For Glory Events
Heres the full list of our past iTNA Bound For Glory iPPVs (biggest iPPV of the year) that we held:

Bound For Glory I - Results @
Year: 2008 / Headliners: WilloW vs Sherby & CT

Bound For Glory II - Results @ https://www.i-tna...ead_id=141
Year: 2009 / Headliners: SubZero vs edge

Bound For Glory III - Results @ https://www.i-tna...ead_id=355
Year: 2009 / Headliners: Jericho vs Chris_Daniels

Bound For Glory IV - Results @ https://www.i-tna...ead_id=442
Year: 2010 / Headliners: Cm_PuNk vs Daniel_MI

Bound For Glory V - Results @ https://www.i-tna...ead_id=667
Year: 2011 / Headliners: Ice vs LupeOrtiz

Bound For Glory 6 - Results @ https://www.i-tna...ead_id=979
Year: 2012 / Headliners: Vegeta vs TheShiz

Bound For Glory 7 - Results @ https://www.i-tna...ad_id=1435
Year: 2013 / Headliners: Insidious vs TaylorSwift

Bound For Glory 8 - Results @
Year: 2014 / Headliners: vichu vs Josh

Bound For Glory IX - Results @
Year: 2019 / Headliners: CaptainCharisma vs snuggy

Bound For Glory X - Results @
Year: 2020 / Headliners: Dekai vs Tamjuk

Bound For Glory XI - Results @
Year: 2021 / Headliners: Keerthi vs TLKiller990

Bound For Glory XII - Results @ N/A
Year: 2022 / Headliners: N/A

Bound For Glory iPPV - Important notes:
* Bound For Glory is the most important iTNA iPPV event of the year!
* H0LLYWOOD is the only superstar (character) to appear on ALL Bound For Glory Cards for 2008 to 2014.
* Bound For Glory 9 was the only BFG to be featured on Discord and contested on the newly created Discord RefBot for Discord Wrestling.
* Bound For Glory 8 featured the FIRST EVER iTNA World Tag Team Championship match in one of its main events.
* Bound For Glory 8 featured many premieres, like the TLC Tag Team Match and Asylum Match or like a triple main event.
* Bound For Glory 1 is the only one to have a 3-Way as its main event for the iTNA Title.
* Bound For Glory 7 featured the first-ever "Loser Leaves Town" match between Insidious & TaylorSwift.
* Bound For Glory 3, 4, 6, and 10 all featured main events with winner takes all type, featuring two or more championship disputed in one match.
* Bound For Glory 2 & 3 featured the "then" annual King of the Mountain event. (It's been discontinued).
* Ice has the most wins (5) on this iPPV followed by vichu, CharltonJ & H0LLYWOOD each with 4 wins.
* Sherby has the most losses (4) on this iPPV followed by Notorious-BIG, Jason_Voorhees, Vegeta, H0LLYWOOD & edge each with 3 losses.
* H0LLYWOOD had the most matches on this iPPV (8), followed by Ice with 7 bouts.
* Bound For Glory XI celebrated the 25th Anniversary of IRC-Wrestling.
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That doesn't even make any sense, Kuntar. Tf

Brotha Mephisto just left the arena like a phisto

Your nightmare just entered the arena.

That moment when you work a whole month and get $400 but Vegeta sits at home and gets $800. Being Indian is hard00r

Ahhh... the sweet taste of victory.

Bow down to your new iTNA "Royal Rumble" winner the gods have chosen me and mark my words I Will be winning the iTNA title at BFG!!


I have been robbed of my glorious X-Division title run. Sanji, my brothers will avenge me!

I'm definitely getting the X-Division championship back, Montezuma. Mark my words!

whoop whoop!

Happy New Year pals <333

Your ITNA Champion and WOTY is here...! Fuck yea <3

Take notice, of your NEW, X-Division Champion!

HUH whats up BUDDYS AND PALS i want to win a Burger match!

Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of the big black bat?

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